Neighborhood Watch

The Gurnee Police Department works closely with Neighborhood Watch groups as part of efforts aimed at safety and crime prevention. This page has been added as a starting point for information tailored to Neighborhood Watch participants.

There are currently 12 neighborhood watch groups in the village. Each group meets at least twice a year with their respective crime prevention officer. To see if you’re within a neighborhood watch group, or to start one in your area, please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 847-599-7080.

Visit the Neighborhood Watch Schedule page to see when your watch group meets.

Residents may elect to receive email alerts from the police department. Please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 847-599-7080 to sign up. Alternately, you can email a request to receive alerts to Please include your name, home or business address, telephone number, and email address. This service is predominantly available to Village of Gurnee residents and business owners. Requests from persons or entities outside the village will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Below you can find recordings of Neighborhood Watch meetings and other relevant information. Recordings can be played on the topic's page or downloaded via the provided link.

Topic Content Date
Northeast Gurnee; patrol beats 54, 66, 68, and 82 Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 3/13/14

Patrol beats 54, 66, 68, and 82 (northeast side area neighborhoods and Deer Creek Condominiums) had their most recent neighborhood watch meeting on 03/13/14. The meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention Technician Tom Agos and Officers Dan Ruth and Kelly Hansen. Officers Bendler, Bozer, Caldwell, and Woodruff also attended, as did Sgt. Smith.

The next meeting for the neighborhoods is scheduled for Thursday, 09/11/14 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, sooner if the need arises.

The 54 minute audio recording is attached and below is a brief summary:

Hickory Haven; Patrol Beat 119 Neighborhood Watch Meeting - 3/6/14

The Hickory Haven neighborhood had their most recent Neighborhood Watch meeting on 03/06/14. The meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention Specialist Tom Agos and Officer Dan Ruth. Sergeant Jon Ward, Officer Phil Mazur, and Officer Chris Lindahl also attended. Chief Woodside joined the group as well. Your next meeting is scheduled for September 4th, 2014; sooner if the need arises. A 41 minute audio recording is attached and below is a brief summary:

Police Activity Summary: