News about the Police Department

Patrol Operations & Specialties

Patrol Operations:

Our patrol officers and street supervisors are the first line of defense when it comes to fulfilling this vital portion of our mission. There is also a group of officers dedicated to visitor-oriented policing. Our patrol operations division, backed by our support services division, breaks down as follows:

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Crime Prevention Unit

Our crime prevention unit is responsible for supporting neighborhood watch, maintaining other crime prevention programs, and tracking crime trends within the village. Our crime prevention personnel can be contacted by calling 847-599-7080.


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Crime Alerts

Although it is impractical to inform ALL residents of ALL crimes, we strive to keep our community informed. Crime alerts sent out via email are an intricate part of staying informed. 

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Patrol District Breakdown

The police department patrols four patrol districts. At least one officer is assigned as the primary responder in each district, with cover-cars being assigned to east and west districts. There is also a full-time staff at Gurnee Mills and Six Flags Great America during their operating times.

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Team Building

To create an excellent work environment so we can recruit and develop an exceptional team.

We realize that we must create excellence from within. Every member of the department is committed, first by dedication to our mission and then by putting the needs of others ahead of their own, to contributing to an environment where we can recruit, train, retain and develop the very best team of professionals.

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Crime Control


To provide a rapid and professional response to confront crime as it occurs.

We are committed to responding appropriately when crime occurs. This commitment includes a quality first response, thorough and complete investigations, continuing analysis of crime and the shifting of resources to address emerging trends. We are also committed to partnerships in the greater law enforcement community to maximize our resources and expertise.

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Crime Prevention

To provide a proactive and educational approach to reducing crime.

Our primary function is to prevent crime. Officers must be in the right places, at the right times, doing the right things. Officers are encouraged to “own” the beat they patrol and work in partnership with residents to address crime and solve neighborhood problems.

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Police Vacation House Watch

If you are a a resident of Gurnee who will be out of town for a period of four (4) days to three (3) weeks, you may request that the Gurnee Police Department conduct periodic checks on your home while you are away.

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Accident Reports

Accident reports are available on-line, in-person, and by mail.

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