News about the Police Department

Gurnee Police to Conduct Holiday Traffic Enforcement Period

Gurnee, IL – Beginning December 17th and running through January 1st, 2013, the Gurnee Police Department will be conducting special traffic enforcement efforts throughout the village.

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Crime Alert: Multiple Vehicle Burglaries

As of today, December 3rd, 2012, fourteen (14) auto burglaries were reported to have occurred village-wide since Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012. The average for the time period is eight (8).

Seven (7) have occurred in business districts, and seven (7) have occurred in residential areas.

The methods of entry in five (5) of the seven (7) cases in residential areas were to unlocked vehicles. The other two (2) are listed as “undetermined.” The seven (7) occurring in business districts were to locked vehicles with valuables lying in plain view.

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Police Department Monthly Report; August 2012

Read about the Police Department's activities during the month of August 2012. This report is the result of a collaborative effort between personnel in all department divisions, led by Chief Woodside. Click on the below link to view the report.

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Gurnee Police Offer Active Shooter Response Training

Gurnee, IL – The Gurnee Police Department will be providing gun violence training sessions to residents through the remainder of 2012. In conjunction with neighborhood watch meetings, a 17 minute training video titled "Shots Fired! When Lightning Strikes" will be presented, followed by questions and discussion. This video is produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, located in Spokane, Washington. It is designed to assist in how to recognize and survive an “active shooter” situation in the workplace, in a school or anywhere it may occur.

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How do I request a Vacation House Watch from the Police Department?

If you are a a resident of Gurnee who will be out of town for a period of four (4) days to three (3) weeks, you may request that the Gurnee Police Department conduct periodic checks on your home while you are away.

House Watches will be conducted only when a resident will be gone for a period of four (4) days to three (3) weeks; please do not request a House Watch if you will be gone for more or less time than that.

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Suspect Charged in Residential Burglary

Gurnee, IL – At 12:35 pm on 9/05/2012, the Gurnee Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious person near a home in the 3900 block of Drexel Ave. The caller described a male with dark hair who was not known to be connected with the residence in question. While on the phone with Gurnee 911 operators, the caller observed the subject knock on the front door. After receiving no answer, the suspect entered the home through a side door.

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