Overview of Programs

If you would like information on these or other programs that we offer please call 847-599-7000 and ask to speak with a crime prevention officer.

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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a 17-week course taught at school by Gurnee police officers. The program is designed to help children make the right decisions about drugs and build self-confidence.

During the course, a specifically trained D.A.R.E. officer visits 5th grade classes weekly for 45 minutes. The focus is prevention of drug abuse in school age children, but the program also deals with building self-esteem and studying the consequences of abuse. The Gurnee Police Department currently has four D.A.R.E. officers, and the combined effort between the police and the school districts' staff is working to teach children decision making skills that last a lifetime.


Strategic Traffic Education and Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.)

 Strategic Traffic Education and Enforcement Program designed to educate the public about traffic problems and to enforce traffic laws to gain compliance. This program includes the use of radar by residents in a cooperative educational and enforcement effort.

The Neighborhood Watch Speed Program solicits the help of the community to identify traffic offenders in residential areas. The program allows certain residents, homeowners or apartment lessees over 21 who have been trained, to check out a radar unit for a period of three to four days. Along with the radar unit, there is a log sheet to enter the results of their efforts. Prior to leaving the police facility, citizens are briefed on avoiding confrontations. No enforcement action is to be taken by the citizen using the radar gun.

Once completed with their efforts, the logs are then reviewed for content. Valid information will generate a letter from the Chief of Police to the registered owner of the vehicle detailing the alleged violations.


Neighborhood Watch Program

The development of a partnership between the neighborhoods of the community and the police department to provide communications about current problems. The purpose of the partnership is to help maintain the quality of life in our community.


Gurnee Police Ride Along

The Gurnee Police Department currently operates a Ride Along Program that enables residents 18 and over to ride along with a officer on patrol. In order to ride along with an officer, individuals must complete a Waiver of Liability. Waivers are available at the Gurnee Police Department and must be returned so that car and patrol assignments can be made. Residents who are interested in participating in the Ride Along Program are invited to stop by the Gurnee Police Station, 100 N. O'Plaine, for more information. Information is also available by calling the station at 847-599-7000 and asking for the Duty Watch Commander.


High School Liaison Program

The duties of the High School Liaison officer is to be on campus during the school year. In addition to assisting the School with security issues he/she works with other Police agencies who have had contact with students. The officer provides services to Drivers Ed, Political and Law Classes, and is available to answer questions generated by students, teachers, and parents. The liaison officer also heads the teen court program.


D. U. I. Enforcement Program

Designed to reduce fatal and injury related D. U. I. accidents by providing enhanced enforcement through grants and training while increasing the publics awareness of the problem.


Vacation House Watch Program

If you will be leaving home for an extended period, use timers or other devices to turn lights on and off to make your home looked lived in. Try to have neighbors or relatives pick up mail, mow grass, and clear snow in your driveway.

If you will be away for a week or more, you may request a house-watch by the Police Department. Please call (847) 599-7000 to make the necessary arrangements. Be prepared to supply dates you will be gone, phone number of a person to contact in an emergency, description of vehicles left in the driveway, and name(s) of anyone who will be in the house.


Bike Safety

The department is very proactive in bike safety and has 4 police bicycles and several officers trained in bike patrol techniques. The Department sponsors a bike rodeo during Gurnee Days, in which maneuvering, signaling, braking, and the use of safety equipment such as helmets and reflectors are stressed to those who participate.



Is available for your children for identification purposes. The department also fingerprints residents who are required to by law for licensing and passports.


Emergency Medical Dispatch (E.M.D.)

 All of the Gurnee Police Dispatchers are trained and certified to provide emergency medical dispatching. Dispatchers will provide basic medical instructions to anyone calling with a medical emergency, until the rescue units arrive on location. It is important to remember when calling in an emergency, to remain calm so the dispatcher can ask the necessary questions to further aid in the diagnosis of the problem and offer aid to the caller.


Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a 36-hour block of instruction designed to give the public a working knowledge of the practices, policies, and procedures governing the Gurnee Police Department. The instruction consists of twelve 3-hour blocks conducted on a weekly basis. The comprehensive instruction covers different areas routinely addressed by local law enforcement. The sessions have been designed to incorporate an interactive format, providing the participants with a "hands on" experience whenever practical. Instructors are certified police officers, supervisors and other personnel with expertise in various areas.