25 MPH Speed Limit

The Village Board approved a new 25 mile per hour (MPH) speed limit for residential streets. The new speed limit became effective on May 1, 2001. Previously, residential streets had a 30 MPH speed limit which is set by state law.

The new lower speed limit was requested by residents to try and slow down traffic in neighborhoods, making it safer for children and pedestrians. New 25 MPH speed limit signs have replaced the 30 MPH signs.

The Gurnee Police Department conducted an educational campaign to inform the community about the new speed limit. The police department, in cooperation with Gurnee Mills Mall and Warren Township High School, solicited ideas for a campaign slogan from students in driver education classes at Warren. Warren student Michael Dechant submitted the slogan selected for the campaign. The new slogan is: "Keep your children's dreams alive, drive 25!" Michael Dechant received a $100 gift certificate to Gurnee Mills for submitting the slogan selected for the campaign. The gift certificate was donated by Gurnee Mills.