Winter Driving Advice

The Gurnee Police Department needs your assistance and cooperation in making the village streets and roadways safer throughout the winter months. The first priority for safer driving is the proper use of safety belts and approved child restraint seats every time you enter a motor vehicle.

More than half of all holiday accidents involve drivers who have been drinking. Throughout the holiday party season (and always), please designate a driver and prevent others from drinking and driving.

Preparing your car for winter weather is another safety precaution every driver should take. Keep your car in good running condition and plan ahead for inclement weather. Carry a flashlight, shovel, ice scraper, blanket, hat, gloves, jumper cables, and flares during winter months. Check windshield washer fluid frequently. After a snowfall, clean your turn signals, tail lights, and headlights. Access to effective communication is vital. Have a charged cell phone with you so you can reach emergency responders.

Remember, during adverse winter weather please slow down, be careful, and courteous.