Tree Inventory and Assessment

Public Works crews are currently conducting a Village-wide inventory of all publicly owned trees.  This process involves the numbering and collection of data such as tree diameter, species, location, and condition.  This data will be entered into a computerized database that will assist the Village in determining the current and future needs of Gurnee's Urban Forest.

An inventory of the Village’s public trees is an important tool in the management of the urban forest. Once completed and computerized, it will give an accurate count of our trees by species, size, street, and maintenance requirements. The inventory will aid in planning for future planting, spraying, trimming, and give us the ability to accurately account for losses and damage in the event of a severe storm. It will also give us the ability to maintain a record of our tree management procedures and the performance of specific varieties of trees. In addition, a computerized inventory will enable us to pull up a list of vulnerable trees to watch in the event of insect and disease outbreaks.