Tree Maintenance & Replacement

Watering and Fertilization

The Village, when necessary, will provide water to new trees planted throughout the parkway. The most limiting factor for the survival of newly planted trees is lack of water and the best way to protect the Village’s investments is to water periodically when the environmental conditions require it. The Village will also establish a fertilization program that promotes tree vigor by evaluating nutrient needs and supplementing nutrients where necessary.



Trimming is a necessary practice for establishing strong healthy trees. A trimming program will begin when the trees are young and continue throughout the life of the trees. The purpose of this program is to create vigorous and structurally sound trees through the removal of dead, diseased, crowded, and potentially hazardous limbs while they are small so tree wounds are kept to a minimum. In addition, branches overhanging the road must be trimmed to a height of 14’ and limbs overhanging the parkway and sidewalks must be trimmed to a minimum height of 8’ for clearance reasons. Active trimming programs will result in urban forests with mature trees that require less maintenance and are more resistant to storm damage, insect infestation, and disease. For more details about the Public Works Parkway Tree Trimming Program, please visit /public_works/forestry/tree_trimming

Tree Replacement

In addition to the planting of new trees, the Village also takes a proactive role in the replacement of parkway trees that have died, been destroyed by accident, or have been removed for hazard management reasons. Trees are as much a part of the Village infrastructure as roads, curbs, sidewalks, and water and sewerage facilities and the management of this resource should be treated as such. When a resident purchases a home with a tree planted in the parkway, the Village has an obligation to maintain that tree throughout its life span and replace it with a new tree once it dies. In those cases, Public Works crews will remove the tree and arrange for its replacement. Trees will be replaced on a first come first served basis and as budget constraints allow.


Occasionally, to maintain a safe and attractive urban forest, it will be necessary to remove parkway trees that are dead, in a state of decline, or deemed hazardous by a Village Arborist. The Village of Gurnee Public Works Department or a contractor hired by the Village will remove the tree and stump to allow for a replacement tree to be planted.