Minutes of the Budget Hearing of the Gurnee Village Board - March 18, 2013






MARCH 18, 2013


Call to Order


Mayor Kovarik called Budget Hearing #3 to order at 6:30 p.m.

Other Officials in Attendance

Patrick Muetz, Village Administrator; David Ziegler, Assistant Village Administrator/Community Development Director; Bryan Winter, Village Attorney; Erik Jensen, Management Analyst; Diane Lembesis, Finance Director, Tom Rigwood, Director of Public Works; Scott Drabicki, Village Engineer, Christine Palmieri, Human Resources Director; Chief Fred Friedl, Fire Chief; John Kavanagh, Deputy Chief;  Kevin Woodside, Police Chief


Roll Call

PRESENT:      5- Schwarz, Ross, Park, Garner, Balmes

ABSENT:        1- Morris



1. Information Systems


Information Systems Director Chris Velkover gave an overview including  the Division structure, personnel and the proposed contract technician work for the upcoming year.


The following areas were highlighted:

  • IS Budgeted Expenditures
  • 10 Year History by Department
  • 2013-2014 IS Expenditures by Type
  • 2013-2104 IS Expenditures by Fund/Department
  • IS Requested Hours by Department/Division


Challenges for the upcoming year include:


  • Overwhelming Ongoing Support for new projects and resources
  • Securing and protecting against loss of data and productivity
  • Mobility and remote access anywhere, anytime
  • Investing, finding balance between new approaches and maintaining legacy systems.


Opportunities include:


  • Resident expectations and how they can interact with services, officials, and each other
  • Internal User Population
  • Internal and External Partners:  Work cooperatively with organizations
  • Technologies:  Virtualization, Unified Communications, Mobility, Wireless and Cloud




Regarding challenges, the Mayor stated she would like to see  “overwhelming” returned back to “competing” and asked if the contract person would assist in that effort. 


Mr. Velkover stated the contract person would assist in that effort by giving ongoing support for new projects.  Once the day-to-day is under control,  there will be a reassessment of the IS function as it relates to project support.


Trustee Park asked if the proposal for the Contract Technician is a full or part time position.  


Mr. Velkover stated it’s a full time position. 


Trustee Park further asked if they have considered making use of other staff members within the Administration Department.


Mr. Velkover stated as far as leveraging, it’s a situation where it’s detailed specialized work that may be outside the scope of what other staff members may be incapable of performing.


Regarding opportunities, Trustee Park asked what the potential is for better resident interaction and noted quick, on-line solutions other communities are using. He also asked about our website being overhauled, stating that significant improvement can be made. 


Mr. Velkover stated our submittal process is very generic, quick and easy but needs tracking/compilation/tracking improvement. The challenge would be unification of the various web components that would be beneficial to the resident.


2. 911/ETSB Fund


Mr. Velkover gave an overview of the 911/ETSB Fund including:


  • Charting our path to NG9-1-1 (Next Generation)
  • Competing our Refresh of Mobil Data Computers (MDCs)
  • Maintain our highly available 9-1-1, CAD, AVL, Power, and Recording Systems
  • Improve Resiliency of Integral Voice & Data Communications Systems
  • Review of FY 12/13 Budget
  • FY 12/13 vs. FY 13/14 Budget
  • FY 12/13 Estimate vs. FY13/14 Budget
  • FY 12/13 vs. FY 13/14 Categories


No Questions/Discussion.


3.   Debt Service and Special Revenue Funds


Finance Director Diane Lembesis gave an overview of the Debt Service and Special Revenue Funds.  The following areas were highlighted:


Debt Service Fund (General Obligation Debt)

  • Series 2012 Refunding (Public Works Service Center)
  • Series 2009 Refunding (Police Station)
  • Series 2011 Bonds


FY 13/14 expenses

  • Principal of $1,935,000
  • Interest of $515,000


Special Service Area Debt:


FY 13/14 expenses

  • Principal of $28,000
  • Interest of $13,400


The Village does not levy a property tax; therefore, the money is mainly taken from the General Fund. 


Total principal outstanding debt beginning this fiscal year is $15,070,000.




Trustee Ross asked if the debt can be paid early as with home loans. 


Ms. Lembesis said that we cannot do that, and we have exhausted the possibility of refunding. 


Special  Revenue Funds


Funds established for those activities that must be accounted for separately from general government operations


  • Asset Forfeiture Fund
  • Accounts for monies acquired through outcome of drug-related criminal cases or DUI court fines collected.
  • May 1, 2013, cash balance estimated at $41,000.  No income, expecting interest, is projected for FY 13/14
  • Federal and State law require monies expended to local law enforcement efforts such as purchase of DUI equipment.


  • Impact Fee Fund
  • Accounts for monies collected from developers to defray future costs associated with additional traffic, sidewalk, storm water, and public safety needs.
  • May 1, 2013 cash balance estimated at $2.5 million.


  • FY 13/14:  $550,000 transfer from Impact to Capital fund proposed.
  • $225,000 for an ambulance,
  • $275,000 for detention improvements, and
  • $50,000 for sidewalk improvements.


  • Golf  Course Fund
  • Established in 1992 when property was donated.
  • Lease term expires 2031.
  • Transferred $710,000 to Golf Course Fund from general Fund in FY 10/11.
  • FY 12/13 Revenues were $42,175 and Expenses were $101,498.
  • FY 13/14 Expense budget is $100,000.




Regarding Impact Fee Fund, Trustee Park asked if the three different categories of expenditures transferring from the Impact Fee Fund to the Capital Fund are separately identified within the Fund or are they looked at as a slush fund. 


Ms. Lembesis stated they are entered separately by line item but there is only one Impact Fee Fund.


4.  Police and Fire Pension Funds



Ms. Lembesis gave an overview of the Police and Fire Pension Funds.  The following areas were highlighted:


  • Police and Fire Pension Funds:
  • Account for resources necessary to provide retirement and disability pension benefits to sworn personnel.
  • Financing provided by Village contributions, employee payroll withholdings, and investment income.
  • Each fund has its own board which contracts for professional investment management, approves expenditures, and reviews requests for retirements and/or disability.
  • Revenues.
  • Police and Fire Fund Balance History.
  • Police and Fire Expenditures.
  • Police and Fire Contribution History.
  • IMRF Pension History.



It was moved by Trustee Park, seconded by Trustee Balmes to adjourn the meeting.


Voice Vote:       ALL AYES:       Motion Carried.



Mayor Kovarik adjourned the meeting at 7:32 p.m.


Donna Dallas

Deputy Village Clerk






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