Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Village Board - November 25, 2013






NOVEMBER 25, 2013



Call to Order

Mayor Kovarik called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Other Officials in Attendance

Patrick Muetz, Village Administrator; Tom Rigwood, Director of Public Works; Larry Dunn, Fleet Manager


Roll Call

PRESENT:       6- Wilson, Ross, Park, Garner, Balmes, Hood 

ABSENT:         0- None




1.  Presentation by GolfVisions Management, Inc. - Review of Bittersweet Golf Course 2013 season.


      Mr. Tim Miles, Sr. reviewed the 2013 Bittersweet Golf Course Season.  Mr.  Miles stated he was pleased to report the 2013 season was successful.  More specifically he stated the course has $160,000 of cash on hand at the end of the season, multiple improvements were completed by in-house staff, and equipment and clubhouse maintenance has been greatly improved.  Mr. Miles continue to say planning for 2014 is already underway.  He stated the region was down 30% - 33% at the end of June according to the golf industry.  He stated the course was able to make this up over the summer.  He continued to say there is enough cash on hand to get through the winter and that there are no surprises on the horizon.


      Mayor Kovarik stated she was pleased with the progress at the course this year.  She said the public is happy and the course has done a nice job expanding its usage through special events.


      Mr. Muetz stated he discussed with GolfVisions paying the Village back the $100,000 that was forwarded at the beginning of the season.  The consensus was to wait until the 2014 season gets started to ensure they have enough cash on hand to make it through the winter. Overall, he said he was pleased with the improvements at the course and the progress to date.  


      Trustee Ross asked if the tent will be back next season. 


      Mr. Skelley, Bittersweet General Manager, stated the cost/benefit ratio didn’t justify renting the tent.


2.  Presentation by Tom Rigwood – Public Works Director – Update on FY 13/14 Snow and Ice Control Plan.


      Director of Public Works, Mr. Rigwood, presented the following Power Point presentation to the Board:


Snow Season Overviews


    Year                      Salt Cost/Ton

2007-2008                      $58.44

2008-2009                    $138.52

2009-2010                      $64.00

2010-2011                      $64.00

2011-2012                      $58.24

2012-2013                      $58.24

2013-2014                      $55.90


  • 3,800 tons of salt on hand
  • Reserved 2,500 tons for FY 13/14 under State of Illinois contract.  Responsible for delivery of 80% = 2,000 tons or a maximum of 120% = 3,000 tons.


Weather Information



  • Assignments
  • Routes
  • Service Priorities
    • First Priority – Collector Streets
    • Second Priority – Local Streets
    • Third Priority – Cul-de-sacs and dead ends
    • Fourth Priority – Sidewalks (goal is to clear 72 hours after a snow event)


Materials / Liquids

  • Materials – GEO Salt & “Super Mix”
    • Salt – 3,800 tons
    • Geo Salt – Mixed with GEOMelt
    • “Super Mix”
      • 75% Salt Brine, 20% GEOMELT & 5% Calcium Chloride
      • 70% Salt Brine, 20% GEOMELT & 10% Calcium Chloride (colder temps)
  • Pre-wetting
  • Anti-icing
    • Treat roads 72 hours prior to an event
    • Anti-Icing Units
      • Hook lift skid (x2):   1,625 gallons each tank
      • Truck 274:               400 gallons


Equipment and Facilities

  • Equipment Preparation – Nov. 15
  • Calibration of spreaders and on-board liquid tanks
  • Post Storm Truck / Equipment Washing, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Mixing Facility


On the Horizon

  • Continued driver training
  • Continue to update our snow and ice control equipment.
  • Continue to research alternative methods of reducing salt usage.
  • Computerized spreader control technology continually changing.




Trustee Park asked if our staff is overloaded with snow removal needs what options do we have.


Mr. Rigwood said the Village has a list of contractors that can be utilized.


Trustee Park said our current level of salt was mentioned in the presentation but what is our capacity.


Mr. Rigwood we currently have 3800 tons on-hand and that is our maximum capacity.


Trustee Park asked what effect the reduced usage of salt has had on the environment.


Mr. Rigwood said it comes down to driver education.  In the past, the approach was to use salt to burn snow off the pavement.  He said that we don’t have any negative impacts on parkways or trees thanks to our reduction of salt during plowing operations.  He stated the trucks can run 600lbs of salt per lane mile, however, the Village runs at 200-250lbs per lane mile based on the usage of liquids.  He stated Lake County Health Department and Stormwater Management Commission are studying the run off impact on watersheds.  Mr. Rigwood stated he will follow-up and see what point they are at.


Trustee Garner asked where residents should shovel snow at the end of their driveway.  He stated he know resident become frustrated with driveways being filled with snow after the plow goes by.


Mr. Rigwood said residents should throw the snow to the downward side of the driveway.  He said residents can be held liable if an accident is caused by snow placed back into the street by a resident. 


Trustee Garner also asked about windrows in residential intersections.


Mr. Rigwood stated this year the Village is working with transportation companies to avoid pushing snow into bus pick-up areas.  He stated this should help reduce some complaints.


Mr. Muetz asked Mr. Rigwood to talk about how cul-de-sacs are addressed.


Mr. Rigwood briefly explained and reviewed a new approach they are going to try this year, which involves using the loader to remove snow from tighter cul-de-sacs.


3.  Presentation by Larry Dunn – Fleet Management Administrator –

      Update on Vehicle Maintenance Division improvements.


Fleet Management Administrator, Larry Dunn, presented the following Power Point presentation to the Board:


  1. Immediate Needs
  • Creation of a Multi Level Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Implement Fleet Management Software
  • Part Procurement/inventory control


  1. Secondary Needs
  • Repair Consistency
  • Thorough Vehicle Inspections w/documentation
  • Creation of Intra-Site Reporting
  • Refining Equipment Procurement Process


  1. Progress to Date
  • Preventative Maintenance Program up and running
  • Fleet Software Implements
  • Parts Room in order
  • Mechanic Training
  • Inspection Reports
  • Intranet Reporting up and running
  • Inclusion of Departments for procurement


  1. What’s on the Horizon
  • Convert All Units to be Maintained and Tracked Utilizing Hour Meters
  • Continue to up-date our equipment
  • Continue to Explore Alternative means of funding Capital Equipment
  • Technology continually changing. Alternative Energy, Lubricants, repair techniques and Equipment.
  • Combine Resources


Mayor Kovarik stated creating the Fleet Administrator position was a very wise investment on behalf of the Village.  She stated great improvements have been made over the past 4 years.




Trustee Ross questioned what opportunities does the Village see as it relates to combining resources.


Mr. Dunn stated he has talked briefly with the Township and County.  He stated the perception of ownership is a mental roadblock.  As it relates to sharing, he stated each entity needs a repair facility for example.  Consolidating these resources to service multiple entities he believes in inevitable. 


Trustee Hood invited everyone to Gurnee Community Church at noon for Thanksgiving Dinner.  He stated the Church will host personnel from the Navy base, but it is open to the entire community.


Mayor Kovarik also reminded the Board of the Turkey Trot, Thursday at 8:00 a.m.


Trustee Ross reminded the Board of the Exchange Club Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday at the Village Church.




Balmes moved, seconded by Wilson, to adjourn the meeting.


Voice Vote:      ALL AYE:         Motion Carried.

Mayor Kovarik adjourned the meeting at 8:38 p.m.




Andrew Harris,

Village Clerk