Recordings of the Special Meeting of the Gurnee Village Board - February 19, 2014


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This Town Hall Meeting was held to discuss long-term plans for managing and funding the Village’s roadway maintenance. For more information on this meeting, please see the press release. The Village conducts an annual street maintenance program which includes low cost maintenance, such as crack sealing, for newer roads and total resurfacing and reconstruction on older streets. However, this program is largely funded by state-shared revenues and transfers from the Village’s General Fund, which supports day-to-day operations. With the economic downturn and the fact that the Village repealed its property tax in 2000 in favor of a more consumer spending driven sales tax, funding has been largely diverted from street maintenance to support critical services such as police, fire and public works. For more information on the Village’s road system, see the Village's roadway fact sheet, “Visualizing the Status of the Village’s Roadway System”.