Anatomy of a Water Main Break and How You Can Help

A water main break on Old Grand Avenue.While snow and colder temperatures are hallmarks of the winter season, another common sign is an increase in the number of water main breaks the Village sees.  Water main is the underground network of pipes which delivers water across the Village.  During the winter, these pipes will not freeze due to the amount of pressure coming through the system; however, the ground around them may. As this ground contracts and shifts, it inevitably causes the main around it to break and, as a result, water escapes. This will sometimes look like a small stream of water running down the street but can also quickly flood an entire section of road depending on the size of the main and the severity of a break.

If you see water bubbling up from the ground or if a section of your street is always wet or icy despite a lack of rain or snow, report it to the Public Works Department at (847) 599-6800 as soon as possible for investigation and repair (during the evening and nighttime hours, reports can be sent to the non-emergency Police Department line at (847) 599-7000)).  Finding and repairing breaks not only helps address the immediate problem - it can also help keep utility costs down for all customers as less water is wasted.

For any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 599-6800.