Why Change the Zoning Ordinance?

The current Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Gurnee was adopted in 1980, with updates occurring over the years in an attempt to keep the code “up to date.”   Many of the problems with the current regulations are those that you would expect from a 30 year old document.  Outdated terms like “telegraph office” and “trading stamp stores” still reside in our regulations, as well as outdated parking standards. 

In recent years the Village of Gurnee has seen a steady increase in the number of text and map amendments presented to the Planning and Zoning Board to address the Zoning Ordinance’s shortcomings. Although staff has processed numerous amendments to the ordinance over past 30 years in an attempt to keep the regulations relevant, it is impossible to process all the necessary amendments on a piecemeal basis.  Also, the piling of amendment on top of amendment over the years has problems of its own.   Even the simplest of text amendments has become extremely complicated as 30 years of changes have made it very difficult to cross-reference interwoven sections and prevent unintended consequences. 

All of these issues have led to the recognition that a comprehensive overhaul of the Zoning Ordinance is needed.  The Planning and Zoning Department is committed to undertake this effort, with the assistance of Camiros, Ltd., and encourages your participation in the process.