What Is the Process?


The following process, broken into 3 phases and tasks within each phase, is the anticipated process that the Village of Gurnee and Camiros have determined for this project.  This is meant to be flexible and amendable as the process unfolds.

Please reference the key below to help you identify which parts of the process have been completed.



This phase consists of 7 tasks, the purpose which is to examine the ordinances in detail and determine the areas that need to be addressed.

  • Task 1.1 Kick-off Meeting & Reconnaissance
    Camiros will meet with Village staff to kick-off the project.  A final project scope will be completed, along with a work schedule and public participation program.  Copies of existing ordinances, plans, and data relevant to the project will be compiled.   Project Managers from Camiros will be given a tour of the Village to help them better understand the issues involved in the application of the current development regulations.  Part of Task 1.1 includes a scoping meeting with staff to outline the goals of the project, discover major issues with the current development regulations, understand development trends that need to be addressed, and determine the specific steps needed to address these goals, issues and trends.

  • Task 1.2 Review of Existing Ordinances & Plans
    Project Managers from Camiros will review all materials, including existing ordinances and policy documents, in order to understand the relationship between the current ordinances and existing plans and policies.

  • Task 1.3 Stakeholder Interviews
    Project Managers from Camiros will conduct interviews with select public and private stakeholders.   They will then work with Village Staff to determine how best to structure this public input with participants.  The purpose of these interviews is to gain insight into the growth characteristics, development issues, administrative systems and zoning needs and concerns as viewed by these sections.  Groups will include Village staff, representatives of the Village Board and Planning and Zoning Board, representatives of Homeowners Associations, realtors, developers, architects, neighborhood organization representatives, and others identified by staff.  This technique generates useful insights and identifies sources of information that might not come up in the normal information scan.

  • Task 1.4 Technical Review & Approaches Report
    After reviewing the current ordinances and policy documents, meeting with Village staff, conducting stakeholder interviews, Project Managers from Camiros will prepare a Technical Review and Approaches Report that identifies key problems, inconsistencies, omissions, and gaps between regulations and policies.  This report will present a detailed outline of the proposed structure. Once key Village Staff has reviewed and approved the report and all requested revisions have been made, these findings will be presented to the Project Team.
    • A technical analysis and evaluation of the current regulations
    • A sustainability audit of current development regulations
    • An analysis of how well the zoning districts match existing development patterns and future land use policies
    • How well the regulations implement established Village policies, and how well the regulations integrate with other ordinances and initiatives, including a summary of consistencies or inconsistencies
    • Where the regulations meet or fail to meet public expectations
    • A summary of “best practices” solutions for key issues in Gurnee
    • The general strengths and weaknesses of the existing regulations – especially structure, organization, clarity, ease of use, existing zoning districts and district standards, regulations or general applicability, definitions, and procedures.
    This report will present a detailed outline of the proposed structure. Once key Village Staff has reviewed and approved the report and all requested revisions have been made, these findings will be presented to the Project Team.

  • Task 1.5 Project Team Review
    An overview of the Technical review & Approaches Report will be presented to the Project Team.  Once they have provided input, final revisions will be made to the report and it will be presented in a public workshop.

  • Task 1.6 Public Workshop
    A public workshop will be conducted on the findings of the Technical Review & Approaches Report. 


The purpose of this phase is to take the input received in Phase 1 and prepare full and complete draft ordinances.  Testing and modeling of new regulations, as well as mapping, will take place during each draft iteration and for any particular issues that emerge during draft review. 

  • Task 2.1    Prepare Draft 1
    Based on input from Phase 1, Draft 1 of the new ordinance will be crafted.

  • Task 2.2    Key Staff Review of Draft 1
    Draft 1 will be submitted to key staff for review.  This task will allow for Village staff to gain familiarity and agreement as to the content and concepts within the draft prior to any public release.

  • Task 2.3    Prepare Draft 2
    Draft 2 will be prepared based on all staff changes requested in Task 2.2 for submission to the Project Team.

  • Task 2.4    Project Team Review of Draft 2
    A series of review meetings will be held with the Project Team to review Draft 2.

  • Task 2.5    Public Workshop
    To allow for public input prior to the public hearing, a public workshop or an open house format  will be conducted.  If a workshop is held, then a PowerPoint presentation of the new ordinances will be provided, along with a question and answer period.  Should the Village decide to conduct an open house format instead, then a brief PowerPoint presentation and “stations” for each major component of the ordinance will be provided.  The stations will be staffed by the Village staff and the Camiros Project Managers, so that attendees can ask questions.

  • Task 2.6    Planning and Zoning Board Presentation
    Draft 2 will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Board at a public meeting.  This public meeting will allow the Board and the public to gain familiarity with the ordinances and provide input prior to the public hearing.

  • Task 2.7    Prepare Public Hearing Draft
    All changes determined in Task 2.4 through 2.6 will be incorporated into Draft 2.  This will allow the presentation of an ordinance during the public hearing that has staff, public, and the Planning and Zoning Board consensus.



In this phase the Ordinance will be taken through public hearings so that it may be adopted.  

  • Task 3.1    Public Hearing
    The new ordinance will be presented at a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Board.   A report summarizing the changes to the new ordinance will be prepared for this hearing.  Public comment is encouraged at this phase.

  • Task 3.2    Village Board Review of Draft
    To allow for additional input prior to adoption, the new ordinance will be presented to the Village Board for review in a public meeting.

  • Task 3.3    Village Board Adoption
    Following the Village Board review of the new ordinance, the final document will be presented to the Board for adoption.   Following adoption, the new ordinance will be posted to the internet and made available in hard copy at the Village Hall.