Knowles Road Pedestrian Path



General Information

  • Start Date: September 2022
  • Est. Completion Date: April 2023
  • Location: Knowles Rd.
  • Project Cost Awarded: $190,000
  • Contractor: Chicagoland Paving
  • Project Impacts:
    • Narrow lanes and lane closures on roads specified (Local Traffic Only)
    • Temporary driveway access closures

Project Description

This project will consist of constructing a path along Knowles Road.

Project Updates

September 23, 2022: The Village’s contractor, Chicagoland Paving, has completed tree removal along Knowles Road. The contractor will begin storm sewer improvements towards the end of September. As this project progresses, narrowed lanes, lane closures on roads specified, and temporary driveway access closures are expected.

September 8, 2022: In mid-September, the Village’s contractor, Chicagoland Paving will begin construction along Knowles Rd. The contractor will start with tree removal, storm sewer improvements, and grading. Once this project begins, the public should expect narrow lanes and lane closures on roads specified and temporary driveway access closures.