US 41 Culvert Rehabilitation Project (IDOT)

General Information

  • Start Date: N/A
  • Est. Completion Date:  N/A
  • Location: N/A
  • Project Cost: N/A
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Project Impacts: N/A

Project Description

The Illinois Department of Transportation is in the process of rehabilitating the ends of several culverts due to deterioration and needed repairs.

Project Updates

August 19, 2022: Next week, crews will be continuing culvert work and as a result shift traffic on SB US 41 just north of Stearns School Rd. down to two lanes. Please keep in mind that there is another project on SB US 41 just south of Wadsworth Rd. that will keep US 41 narrowed to one lane.

June 29, 2022: This week, crews will be continuing work and are anticipating moving traffic back to its original layout on NB US 41 lanes, just north of Stearns School Road. There will be shoulder closures and temporary lane closures along the NB US 41 lanes to complete work on the North side of US 41. The SB US 41 lanes will be shifted and narrowed down to one lane for approximately a month while crews work on the culvert on the south side of US 41.