FOIA Form Success!

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request. 
You should receive a response to your request for public records within 5 business days for non-commercial requests, and 21 business days for commercial requests. 

Please read the information below for more details regarding Village response to FOIA requests.

A. The Village shall respond to a written request for public records within 5 working days (10 working days for commercial) after the receipt of such request.

B. The Village may give notice of an extension of time to respond which does not exceed an additional 5 working days (10 working days for commercial) , or a total of 10 working days from the written request. Such an extension is allowable only if written notice is provided within the original 5 working day time limit and only for the reasons provided in Section 3 of the FOIA (5 ILCS 140/3(e)). Such notice of extension shall state the reasons why the extension is necessary.

C. The Village shall respond to a request for public records in one of the following ways:
1) Approve the request;
2) Approve in part and deny in part;
3) Deny the request;
4) Give notice of an extension; or
5) Provide an opportunity for a conference.

D. Upon approval of a request for public records, the Village may either provide the materials immediately, give notice that the materials shall be made available upon payment of reproduction costs, or give notice of the time and place for inspection of records.  The Village may redact information that is exempt under Section 7/1(d) of the Act. 

E. Categorical requests creating an undue burden upon the Village shall be denied only after extending to the requestor an opportunity to confer in an attempt to reduce the request to manageable proportions in accordance with Section 3(g) of the FOIA (5 ILCS 140/3 (g)).

F. A denial of a request for public records shall be made in writing. It shall state the reasons for the denial in accordance with either Section 3(f) or Section 7 (5 ILCS 140/7) of the FOIA and the names and titles of individuals responsible for the decision. It shall also inform the requestor of the right to seek review from either the Illinois State Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor or from a court.

G. Copies of all FOIA requests and responses will be maintained at the respective department as set forth in 5 ILCS 140/3.5(a)(4) and 140/9(b).

For any questions with your requests, please contact the following FOIA Officers:

Police Requests: FOI Officer Records Supervisor John Petersen at (847) 599-7070

All Other Requests: FOI Officer Jack Linehan, 847-599-7500