• Jun 5, 2020, 08:00 AM

Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidelines (Revised 6/5/2020)

Village of Gurnee

Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidelines

Revised June 5, 2020

  1. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity guidelines for outdoor dining must be followed.Following is a link to these guidelines:https://dceovid19resources.com/assets/Restore-Illinois/businessguidelines3/restaurantbars.pdf
  2. Social distancing shall be observed at all times.
  3. Tables must be a minimum of 6 feet between the backs of chairs.
  4. Property owner approval must be secured.
  5. The restaurant may operate under normal business hours.
  6. In order to prevent congregating, there will be a 90-minute time limit on dining per party.
  7. For current liquor licensees:
    1. Outdoor bars are not allowed.
    2. Outdoor wait stations are allowed to include liquor if staffed at all times and used exclusively by restaurant personnel; patrons may not approach these stands to order alcoholic beverages.
    3. All liquor orders must be served only to seated diners incidental to food service; liquor shall remain at tables and cannot be carried outside the designated seating area.
    4. Pursuant to strict adherence to all State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission guidelines:
      • Liquor “to go” in original containers will continue to be permitted.
      • Cocktails “to go” will be permitted.
  8. Establishments must provide trash receptacles in the seating area and will be responsible for clearing all trash from the area each night.
  9. Hand sanitizing stations must be provided in the seating area.
  10. Outdoor dining is allowed on non-public sidewalks under the following conditions:
    1. 4 feet of clearance is maintained for pedestrian access.
    2. Must be located in front of the tenant space associated with the restaurant; if it extends beyond, then written permission should be secured from the affected tenant and landlord.
  11. Outdoor dining is allowed in parking lot areas under the following conditions:
    1. The area devoted to outdoor dining shall not exceed 50% of the parking lot area.
    2. Tables should be located in parking spaces and not drive aisles whenever possible, unless an entire drive aisle and associated parking spaces can be cordoned off in a manner that preserves safe circulation on-site.
    3. Tables cannot block any fire lanes.
    4. Cones or other methods should be used to clearly delineate seating areas from parking/drive aisles.
    5. If a tent is proposed, it must be open sided and be certified flame retardant. No permit is necessary.
  12. Outdoor dining, including tents, can be accommodated in conformance with the above noted guidelines (1) without a permit and (2) until the restaurant is able to resume indoor dining as determined by the State of Illinois, so long as operations are conducted consistent with the public health, safety, and welfare.
  13. These guidelines will be updated and republished, at a minimum, at the conclusion of each phase of the Restore Illinois Plan. It is the Village’s intent at this time to allow tents to remain in use in Phase 4 subject to public safety considerations and adequate parking availability for restaurants and neighboring businesses.

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