Summer Mosquito Activity

The summer months can bring both warmer weather and an increase in insect activity, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can pose a nuisance to outdoor activity, especially during the peak biting hours between dusk and dawn. In Illinois, as in many other parts of the country, mosquitoes bring the added concern of being West Nile virus carriers. Mosquitoes can transmit the virus to humans, birds and other mammals. When birds are infected by the West Nile virus they can become viral “hosts” and can in turn transmit the virus to other mosquitoes that bite the infected birds.

The Lake County Health Department conducts mosquito monitoring programs throughout the area through weekly mosquito pool testing and by tracking the locations of dead birds to assess potential West Nile activity. If you find any dead birds on your property or throughout the area, please report them to the Lake County West Nile Virus hotline at (847) 377-8300.

The Village of Gurnee has an annual mosquito abatement program in place with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management Inc. to carry out community-wide mosquito control during the summer and early fall months. These treatments largely target adult mosquitoes, or those that can fly and bite, but property owners can also help reduce mosquito populations by reducing the amount of stagnant water on their property.  Any items holding standing water such wheelbarrows, pots or bird baths should regularly covered or drained to remove potential mosquito hatching grounds.   If you have questions regarding these services or would like to report areas of severe biting, please contact the Mosquito Hotline at 1(800)-942-2555.

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