Voter Registration

Lake County's unofficial election results can be found on the Lake County Clerk's website. Visit the Chicago Tribune's website for state-wide results. 


New Districts & Precincts on Certificate of Voter Registration

In 2010, U.S. Census counted every U.S. resident to ensure equal representation among the population in congressional, state and county board districts. The County Clerk's office created new precinct boundaries for all 18 townships which the Lake County Board approved in September 2011. New Certificates of Voter Registration were mailed to all registered voters listing federal, state and county districts, new precinct, voting site location and a QR code to link smart devices directly to the Voter Power web page for election information anywhere, anytime.

If you misplaced or did not receive your card, you may print your card online at Voter Power or call 847.377.2410 to request a replacement. Certificate of Voter Registration is not an identification card nor proof of residency. 


Voter Registration -

You are eligible to register to vote if the following apply:

  1. You are a U.S. citizen.
  2. You are 18 years of age by the next election.
  3. You are a resident of Lake County for 30 days prior to an election.
  4.  You present two pieces of valid identification when registering.

Registration is available at the Lake County Clerk's office, through a commissioned Deputy Registrar, at your local municipal or township office, or other convenient local agencies. Registration is open all year throughout the County except during the 27 days preceding an election and reopens the second day following an election.

To find a voter registration location, contact the County Clerk's Voter Registration department at or call 847.377.2410.

Grace Period Registration: October 10 - November 3, 2012

Grace period registration is available to those who failed to register to vote or for registered voters who changed their name or address and did not update the information with the County Clerk's office by the close of voter registration on October 9, 2012. Grace period applicants must appear in-person at one of the following locations:

  • County Clerk's Main Office
    18 N. County Street, Waukegan
  • Lake County Central Permit Facility
    500 W. Winchester Rd, Libertyville

Applicants must present two forms of valid identification and vote at the time of their registration.

For more voter registration information, contact the County Clerk's Voter Registration department at or call 847.377.2410.


Vote by Mail -

Voting by mail is available to any registered voter, and Illinois law requires voters to complete an application for a ballot form for each election.

As required by state law, voting by mail applications cannot be processed until 40 days prior to each Election Day (or later, subject to final certification of candidates by the State Board of Elections). Military personnel and voters outside the country may apply for a ballot earlier. Please visit Lake County's Voting by Mail page for more information.

The completed application must be received by the Clerk's office before a ballot can be mailed to the voter. To complete an application online, confirm voter registration status at Voter Power and click on the "Request a Ballot by Mail" tab. Print the form, sign, date, and mail to the Lake County Clerk's office. Completing the application online and mailing to us eliminates one mailing step and speeds up delivery of your ballot.

Voters can make a one-time request for an application or enroll in a convenient Voting by Mail program to automatically receive an application for ballot for each election specified. To receive a one-time application or enroll in a Voting by Mail program, visit Voter Power, email the County Clerk's Voting by Mail Department at or call 847.377.2406.  Voters can also visit Voter Power to track the Clerk's receipt of their voted ballot. 


Vote Early -

In-person early voting begins 15 days prior to Election Day. Any registered voter in Lake County may choose to vote early and is required to present valid government-issued identification containing their photograph. Each voter has a convenient local early voting site that is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Early voting ends the Saturday prior to Election Day.

To locate your early voting site, visit Voter Power or call 847.377.2410.


Online voter Resource - Voter Power

Visit Voter Power to confirm your registration status and to view all your personalized election information:

  • Sample ballot, beginning 40 days prior to Election Day
  • Form to make application for a ballot by mail
  • Track Clerk's receipt of your voted ballot, if voting by mail
  • Election Day and early voting site locations, including driving directions and picture
  • New districts effective on your November 2012 election ballot
  • Current elected officials and contact information


Need more voter or election information?


Call 847.377.2314