Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Economic Development Committee - November 21, 2013

Village of Gurnee
Economic Development Committee Minutes
November 21, 2013

The meeting was held in Conference Room A, Gurnee Village Hall, 325 N. O’Plaine Road and called to order at 6:03 P.M.

Members Present: Trustee Stephen Park, , Rob Elbrecht, Karen Thorstenson, Dick Welton, Tom Henderson

Members Absent: Bill Finn, Brad Jenks, Randy Ebertowski, Roneida Martin

Other Officials Present: Patrick Muetz, Village Administrator; David Ziegler, Community Development Director, Aaron Gruen, Consultant, Debra Jeans, Consultant

1Approval of the September 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Mr. Welton made a motion, seconded by Ms. Thorstenson, to approve the September 19, 2013 meeting minutes, as presented.
All voted ‘aye’. Motion carried.

2. Education Item: None

3. Unfinished Business: None

4. New Business: 
a. Introduction of EDC Consultants – Gruen and Gruen – The Village of Gurnee’s new consultant team of Gruen Gruen + Associates were introduced. Representatives Aaron Gruen and Debra Jeans made a brief presentation about their practice and the goals and methods that they have for the Economic Development Committee.
b. Review of Approved Contract Scope – Members of the Committee were provided a copy of the official scope. Staff ran through the proposed scope and the proposed order in which projects were going to be undertaken.
c. Review of Proposed Business Survey – Aaron Gruen ran through the proposed Business Survey and the committee discussed aspects of the survey as well as the intended recipients.
d. Acceptance of 2014 Meeting Schedule – The 2014 meeting schedule was presented and approved by consent of the committee. The schedule will be posted on the Village’s website.

5. Chairman Comments:
Chairman Park indicated that Economic Development Committee members Bill Finn and Brad Jenks were going to resign and that the Mayor would be proposing 2 replacements at the next Village Board meeting in December. Chairman Park also indicated that he would be removing himself from the committee at the end of the year and would seek another appointed village official to take his place.

6. Adjournment
Trustee Park asked for motion to adjourn.

Mr. Elbrecht made a motion, seconded by Ms. Thorstenson to adjourn.

All voted ‘aye’. Motion carried.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:02 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:

David L. Ziegler
Director of Community Development/Assistant Village Administrator