About the Engineering Division
The Engineering Division oversees the construction of the Village’s public infrastructure, reviews new development, maintains village records, financial guarantees and maps, administers grants and annually updates and implements the Village’s Capital Improvement Program. The division prepares proposals, specifications and construction contracts for Village Board Approval. The Division inspects all public and many private infrastructure improvements including drainage, streets, water and sewers. The Division commonly contracts for the design and construction of new infrastructure or reviews the installation of capital facilities paid for by private parties.

The Engineering Division prepares plans for and oversees the construction of Village funded capital improvements. Engineering capital improvements are large scale, high cost, physical assets such as streets, drainage facilities, water lines and sewer lines. Each year the Engineering Division prepares a Capital Improvements Program (CIP) that presents a proposed 5 year schedule of future capital projects in order of priority together with cost estimates and anticipated means of financing. Some capital projects may be new while others may be a maintenance item such as periodic road resurfacing or sewer replacement. The Engineering Division reviews and comments on all new large scale development in the Village. In addition the Division seeks to find engineering solutions to past problems such as localized flooding, inadequate utilities or transportation congestion and safety.

For additional details about Community Development processes, please refer to the A-Z of Community Development.

Permits: For what activities will I need a permit?

  • Work in the right-of-way
  • Driveway
  • Clearing and grading
  • Oversize/overweight vehicles
  • Watershed
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Work in the floodplain


Mudjacking Services 2018-2020

2017 Roadway & Water Main Improvements

Road Construction Updates

Ferndale Traffic Study

Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail Master Plan (16.8MB)