Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Plan Commission - June 1, 2011

Village of Gurnee
Plan Commission Minutes
June 1, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M.

Plan Commission Members Present: Chairman James Sula, Richard McFarlane, Gwen Broughton,
Sharon Salmons, Patrick Drennan

Plan Commission Members Absent: David Nordentoft

Other Officials Present: Bryan Winter, Village Attorney; David Ziegler, Community Development Director;
Tracy Velkover, Planning Manager; Molly Booth, Associate Planner

1.  Approval of Plan Commission Meeting Minutes for March 16, 2011.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Ms. Salmons, to approve the Plan Commission Meeting Minutes for
March 16, 2011.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

2.  Proclamation Recognizing Mr. Stephen Park for his years of service to the Village of Gurnee

Chairman Sula read an official Proclamation to Mr. Stephen Park, who was recently elected to the Village Board, and thanked him for his years of service on the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

3.  Minor Exception for Sign:  Warren Township High School
Ms. Booth stated Warren Township High School is requesting a Minor Exception to the Sign Ordinance to allow the installation of a new ground sign to encroach approximately 3 feet into the required 12 foot setback.  She stated the proposed sign will be setback 9 feet from the east property line and located in an existing parking island, just south of the school’s main entrance off O’Plaine Road.  She stated aside from the setback, the proposed sign meets the sign height and area standards of the Sign Ordinance. 

Chairman Sula asked the petitioner to state his name and address for the record.

Mr. Kevin Liebe stated he is the Facilities Manager at Warren Township High School located at 500 N. O’Plaine in Gurnee.

Mr. Liebe stated there was an existing sign at the site approximately two years ago. He stated someone inadvertently ran into the sign, thus the sign had to be taken down. He stated for the past couple of years they have been attempting to collect funds from different groups for installation of a new sign.

Mr. McFarlane asked if the old sign was a pole sign.

Chairman Sula responded it was a pole sign.

Chairman Sula stated the only thing that strikes him odd about this is that the sign is where people exit instead of where they would enter.

Mr. Liebe stated the reason the sign was placed there is that it was more centralized with the actual school itself. He stated by keeping it close to the entrance of the school allows for both ways as a lot of people enter from Grand Avenue.

Chairman Sula stated entering is not allowed where the driveway breaks at that point.

Mr. Liebe responded the sign is to advise a person that they are at the school but not to enter at that point. He stated there is more space in that area and it is where the previous sign was located. He stated if the sign were to be put in the other entrance area there would be less of a setback at that location without actually cutting into the curb.

Mr. McFarlane stated the sign is not directional.

Chairman Sula stated most people think a sign is put in a location where you enter. He stated his concern is this is an exit, and asks if the sign can be moved somewhere else.

Ms. Salmons asked if there was room for the sign directly in front of the school.

Mr. Liebe responded the way in which the right-of-way goes in front of the school gives them no opportunity to put a sign there unless it would be installed perpendicular or parallel to the road and a person would have to be right in front of the sign to see it. He stated they could certainly move the sign to the entrance and noted there would be some work involved.

Chairman Sula stated there are two hot buttons on this request. He stated one is that it is an opportunity to put a sign where people enter or approach a facility rather than exiting a facility. He also stated, even though outside of the Commission’s purview, why the petitioner had to go all the way to Sarasota Florida to find a sign vendor.

Mr. Liebe responded it was all about the cost.

Chairman Sula asked if there wasn’t anyone locally that could beat the price submitted from Sarasota Florida.

Mr. Liebe responded it is the actual manufacturer of the sign and that their cost was very inexpensive. He stated the manufacturer is supplying the sign and the installation of the sign, which includes the concrete and brick work, will be done in-house. He stated they are just purchasing the sign from the manufacturer in Sarasota Florida. He noted they do quite a bit of work for the interior and exterior signs with Signs Now, but in this instance they are purchasing this sign from the company in Sarasota.

Chairman Sula asked from the three bids received for the sign if they were the low bidder.

Mr. Liebe responded yes, by far.

Chairman Sula asked if the Commission was comfortable having a sign located at the exit rather than at the entrance.

Mr. McFarlane responded he is comfortable with this.

Ms. Salmons asked for the size of the exit sign.

Chairman Sula responded there is not a sign, and that it is actually on the pavement.

Ms. Salmons stated then this is unacceptable as people who are unfamiliar with the area would drive right in.

Mr. Liebe responded they would actually be re-doing the bus lane this summer which has signage included. He stated on the north side of the bus lane there are “do not enter” signs and they will be doing the same for the south side of the bus lane. He stated there will be “do not enter” signs.

Mr. Drennan asked if the petitioner were to move the sign and wanted to confirm that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to have it moved.

Mr. Liebe responded there would be a little more work involved and understands the Commission’s point. He stated he would look into moving the sign and noted since all the work is being done in-house it would not be much of a cost to them and noted that they might lose (1) one parking spot.

Mr. Drennan asked what the setback would be.

Mr. Liebe responded if the sign were put in that spot the setback would be big enough that there would not be a variance needed. He noted the other issue with this is power would be needed, and there would be material costs with getting the power to this area, again with all the work being done in-house.

Chairman Sula stated he has been on record in the past stating that public agencies should be “example setters” and not asking for variances. He stated if there is a way to accomplish this without exorbitant costs, he would rather have this meet the guidelines of the Sign Ordinance than ask for an exception. He also noted he doesn’t want to be in the position where the taxpayers are being asked to spend a lot more money.

Mr. Liebe responded he doesn’t know the cost as they have never looked into doing this. He stated it had never crossed their minds to move the sign to that area, mainly because of not having power.

Chairman Sula stated he believes there is a safety issue. He stated it is confusing when there is a sign at an exit instead of at an entrance.

Chairman Sula asked the Commission members for a recommendation.

Mr. McFarlane started a motion to not approve the site as is and asked the petitioner to investigate a site located down the street at the entrance.

Mr. Winter suggested that the petitioner can withdraw their request at this point or make a choice to request a continuance.

Chairman Sula stated if he is not mistaken a sign at the entrance is by Right by maintaining a setback.

Chairman Sula asked the petitioner if he would like to withdraw this request or to continue it.

Mr. Liebe responded he would like to have this request continued.

Chairman Sula asked Ms. Velkover for a date when this request could be continued.

Ms. Velkover responded the next meeting is June 15, 2011.

Chairman Sula asked for a motion for continuance to June 15, 2011.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Ms. Salmons, to continue this request to June 15, 2011.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

4.   Continued Public Hearing: Special Use Permit for the Button Room
Ms. Booth stated Leslie Pencak with The Button Room, is requesting a Special Use Permit for a button museum, gathering place, and learning center in the existing building at 4072 Old Grand.  She stated the subject property is zoned C/S3 Village Center Residence/Business District and a museum use requires a special use in this zoning district. 
She noted the building was previously occupied by Assure Home Healthcare who relocated to a larger facility in 2009.  She stated the petitioner is not proposing any changes to the site plan, exterior elevations, or landscaping but is requesting a Minor Exception to the Sign Ordinance to reduce the required 8-inch letter and number height for a portion of the signage copy on the new ground sign.  She stated aside from the letter and number height, the proposed sign meets the setback, height, and area standards of the Sign Ordinance.

Chairman Sula stated this is a Public Hearing and asked for anyone from the petitioner or members of the general public who intend to either give testimony or ask questions to stand and be sworn in by the Village Attorney.

Ms. Barbara Swanson, Attorney at Law, of 4473 Old Grand Avenue in Gurnee, Illinois stated she is the attorney representing the petitioner Leslie Pencak the contract purchaser (LLC) of the building for a Special Use as well as a Minor Exception for the decrease in the size of the lettering for their signage. She stated Ms. Pencak would be giving a presentation on the proposed use and noted the thing to keep in mind is that the physical building will look the same due to the improvements that have already been made. She stated it is a beautiful building and noted when Assure Healthcare occupied the building it was made handicap accessible and included a paved the parking lot. She also mentioned it had been residential up until that time. She stated the exterior of the building will not be taking on many changes and with regard to the sign it is just a Minor Exception for slightly smaller letters than what the Sign Ordinance requires.

She stated she would turn the floor over to Ms. Pencak so she could educate the Commission Members about the proposed use for this building.

Ms. Pencak, of 2133 Popular Street in Waukegan, Illinois, stated she was present to introduce the Commission to a lady named Elizabeth Hewitt who came from a long line of Gurnee and Warren ancestors. She stated when Elizabeth passed away this past November 28 she left a little yellow house on the corner of O’Plaine Road and Grand Avenue. She stated Elizabeth left a long legacy and history as well as gifts for the community. She stated one of the gifts was the potential of opening a Button Museum. She stated Elizabeth, her mother and her grandmother collected buttons for many years.

She noted she would let the buttons speak for themselves and would pass the buttons around to the Plan Commission Members. She stated throughout the years these ladies kept everything including a handmade wooden peg from the old Gurnee Church when the church was moved from the old location to the new location. She stated Cora Studer who was the Village Clerk for 28 years kept and labeled these types of articles. She stated the wooden peg and a gift that was left will go to the church.

Ms. Pencak stated the little girl with the bow in her hair (referenced in the packets provided to the Commission) had a secret in this home called the Button Room. As the buttons were passed to the Commission Members she stated there are quite a few different styles and types of buttons. She noted that Sarah McGovern of California is present this evening and is very much a part of the “Button World”. She stated Ms. McGovern previously owned a store called Renaissance Buttons that was operated in Evanston and Chicago. She stated most of the buttons to be displayed in the museum are in frames and that they have approximately 900 of the button cards. She stated it is her hope to open the front door and be the front forge to Old Grand Avenue inviting people to come in for community atmosphere while learning about the world of buttons as well as seeing what these ladies left behind showing how much they loved their community. She stated with the gifts the ladies left behind it is something that she would like to share and potentially turn others into button collectors.

Chairman Sula asked for questions from the members of the Commission.

Mr. McFarlane asked how far back the buttons are dated.

Ms. Pencak responded the earliest button is from the 1700’s. She stated she found a cigar box of police, fire and military buttons which will also be carded and displayed noting it would be something for the male visitors as well.

Mr. Drennan asked if there will be a charge to go into the museum.

Ms. Pencak responded yes and that it would be a minimal charge of $5.00. She stated after doing some research this will be the only museum like this in the country. She stated there are thousands of collectors in Wisconsin and Illinois and noted there are National and State conventions every year with about 3,000 members in the National Society.

Mr. Drennan asked if she knew how many people at one time would visit the Museum and how many daily visitors she expected.

Ms. Pencak responded on the weekends they expect a little bit of overflow from Great America, as well as some Special Events which include a War Event and Titanic Event. She stated it is a small building with a good size parking lot and yard.  She stated with their events and if they are as successful as they would like to be that there may be a time with tickets where there would be a need to designate actual times for the tickets allowing entrance to the museum and controlling the amount of visitors flowing through.

Ms. Broughton asked how many parking spaces are in the lot.

Ms. Pencak responded ten.

Chairman Sula referenced in the notes that the property owner at 4094 Old Grand has volunteered for over flow parking and asked how that would work.

Ms. Pencak responded it was very welcoming that not only this neighbor offered for over flow parking but other neighbors have also expressed interest. She stated the neighbor was very gracious in offering space if she ever needed extra parking and noted it would be she or other volunteers working the event that would make use of his offer rather than trying to coordinate visitors to park other than on museum property. She stated another option for over flow parking would be to work with other neighbors as well as the Village. She also noted there is additional street parking located further up from the museum.

Chairman Sula stated he was a bit confused on the sign orientation as there was a reference to vertical and horizontal while using the same posts.

Ms. Pencak responded the only request for the variance is for the size of the lettering of the sign which is to be 8 inches for each letter and number.

Ms. Booth responded it reflects the orientation of the sign to the street with it being perpendicular and double sided so a person could see the sign as they are driving.

Chairman Sula asked about the notes which referenced the existing posts being used and questioned how this would work.

Ms. Pencak stated the posts are already in the ground from the previous health care business and noted the lighting is there as well. She stated this sign would be put up between the existing posts.

Mr. McFarlane stated he has visited the site and that this sign would be okay between the existing posts.

Ms. Pencak responded the sign is horizontal and the existing posts are vertical.

Chairman Sula stated he understands.

Chairman Sula asked for any other questions or comments from the Commission.

Chairman Sula asked for a motion for the Special Use.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Mr. Drennan, for a favorable recommendation for a Special Use Permit for the Button Room located at 4072 Old Grand Avenue.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

Chairman Sula asked the Commission for any questions or concerns for the Minor Exception which is a decrease in the letter height of the sign.

Mr. McFarlane stated it will be a nice looking sign well positioned sign for the size and the space. He stated the entire facility looks nice.

Chairman Sula stated he concurs with Mr. McFarlane and asked for a motion.

Ms. Broughton made a motion, seconded by Ms. Salmons, to approve a Minor Exception to the Sign Ordinance to allow a decrease in the required 8-inch letter height for a freestanding (ground) sign as presented.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

5.  Request for Joint Use of Parking Facilities and Parking Modifications:  Holiday Inn Gurnee Convention Center
Ms. Booth stated the petitioner, Crown Holdings LLC, is renovating the existing hotel and conference facility at 6161 Grand Ave.  She stated formerly operated as Holiday Inn and Vista Hotel & Conference Center, the petitioner is rebranding the facility back to Holiday Inn.  She stated to comply with the Holiday Inn brand standards the existing facility requires interior and exterior renovations.  She explained as part of the renovations, an 8,769 sq. ft. banquet hall addition is proposed onto the northeast side of the building, on a portion of the existing parking lot.  She stated due to the loss of parking spaces and increase in banquet hall capacity, the facility does not meet the required parking onsite; therefore, the petitioner is requesting relief from Sec. 10.1, Off-Street Parking & Loading, of the Zoning Ordinance for the joint use of the parking facility (shared parking); a departure to the drive aisle & parking lot setback along the east property line; and dual use of a loading zone.

She noted the renovations currently in progress received issuance of the proper building permits by the Village but, to proceed forward with the permitting of the banquet hall addition, the Zoning Ordinance requires review and recommendation of the parking modifications by Plan Commission with approval by the Village Board. She stated included with the packet material is the petitioner’s parking study completed by Sam Schwartz Engineering, and the reviews of the parking study and site plan by the Village’s professional traffic consultant, Bill Grieve with Gewalt Hamilton. 

Chairman Sula stated he really does not have a care in terms of the shared parking concept for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Banquets as it really is the same facility. He stated the proposed expansion at the northeast corner of the building and the access aisle way looked very tight. He asked if the Fire Department has commented in terms of whether their fire equipment can get through this corner.

Ms. Booth stated yes, the Fire Department did review the plan and agreed they can get through with their largest emergency apparatus vehicle.

Chairman Sula stated it looks like a hazard in trying to turn this corner.

Chairman Sula asked if anyone from the Commission sees this differently.

Mr. McFarlane responded in relationship to the building it does make this spot look really small and noted this is a concern he had as well. He stated the Fire Department shows in their drawing they can get around this corner which is 38 feet across. He stated he has questions about the curb change because currently looking at the site the curb is straight for the entire way and the drawing shows the curb from the east side moving out along the banquet facility. He noted it is being revised and will pick up some space.

Chairman Sula stated the corner still looks tight to him.

Mr. McFarlane agrees it does look tight but stated the Fire Department indicates it is okay, then gives him some comfort.

Chairman Sula asked if the building needs to be that much wider at this point.

Ms. Velkover clarified that the Village has had this situation in the past where there has been a building on a corner i.e., Blockbuster Video. She stated because of this Staff had Mr. Bill Grieve, professional traffic consultant, review this plan in addition to the review by the Fire Department. She stated they have no concerns and have put the stop bars in for traffic control. She stated this is very similar to the Blockbuster video store where there is kind of a blind intersection with a building being on the corner. She stated this was also a concern of Staff and it is for that reason Staff had their traffic consultant look at this as well.

Chairman Sula stated the corner at Blockbuster is awful.

Ms. Velkover responded the Plan Commission did not want to repeat this and that is the reason this was brought to the attention of Mr. Grieve.

Chairman Sula stated in his opinion it was one of the worst planning decisions that has ever made in terms of visibility with the ability to turn corners and seeing what you are doing when driving a vehicle. He stated with the concept of a banquet hall with weddings, etc. that it seems to him that it is kind of reckless.

Ms. Velkover responded that one of the alternatives suggested by Mr. Grieves was basically cutting the corner off of the building so it would be at an angle rather than coming out to a point so there would not be a blind intersection. 

Chairman Sula stated this is a great idea and asked if architecturally if this could work.

Mr. Steve Cross, Civil Engineer with Cross & Associates, representing the property owner introduced himself. He stated Mr. Robbie Sigg from New Crown Holdings, LLC, Mr. Eric Carlson of Carlson Architects and Ms. Lynn Means, Senior Transportation Engineer with Sam Schawrtz Engineering, were present to answer any questions.

Mr. Cross stated one of the things they did look at is the corner in question. He stated they ran an analysis with the Fire Department’s largest fire truck, a small semi-vehicle and garbage trucks with all the vehicles able to make the turn. He stated based on the review and comments from the Village’s traffic consultant they have looked closer at adding more signage along with controlling the traffic in this area. He noted there will be stop bars and stated they do not expect much traffic coming around this corner with this not having the primary movements throughout the site. He stated predominately the banquet and convention facility will have their parking in the northerly parking lot with the hotel guests primarily parking on the west and south parking areas. He stated they looked at the east as being the back of the house parking for employees to park and overflow parking when needed. He stated generally they are not looking at a lot of movement around this corner.

Chairman Sula stated his concern is the fire department and semi drivers are professional drivers that deal with constraint situations all the time. He stated his concern is dealing with casual visitors to the site that might be panicked if they are late for a function noting this is a dangerous situation.

Chairman Sula asked again, if architecturally can this corner be cut.

Mr. Eric Carlson responded the simple answer is anything is possible. He stated there are a handful of things associated with the aesthetics of the project and Holiday Inn has stringent requirements.

Chairman Sula stated he assumes Holiday Inn is concerned about the safety of their guests.

Mr. Carlson responded yes, they are. He stated the simple answer is yes and that there are some practical reasons why they haven’t done this. He stated those reasons are economic, aesthetics of the building and use of the space. He stated to clip the corner will take away from the use of the space. He stated to reiterate, that this access is not a primary access and not a primary drive around that corner of the building.

Chairman Sula stated they are not dealing with people who go to the site every day. He stated they are dealing with people who go to the site maybe once a year.

Mr. Cross stated they could revise the access drive around the portion of the building to one way circulation; install speed bumps and noted there is a street light they are moving from the south to the corner which will provide a well-lit intersection. He stated there will be many things to warn people and slow people down and at the end of the day it’s not really going to be an inviting invitation for people to go around and then park. He stated for a person who might never have been to the facility, a person probably would not go to that area to actually park.

Chairman Sula stated someone who has never previously been to the area is not going to know this. He stated this is a very blind turn.

Mr. Cross stated his office has the same situation and they have a stop sign and a sign warning that the area is a blind corner. He stated he is looking for guidance on what other traffic matters that the Village would like implemented. He stated they will have signage, speed bumps and a sidewalk that goes around the building to accommodate pedestrians that are walking.
Ms. Salmons referenced the one light that will be in the area. She stated this is a large building and even with the speed bumps, signage and lighting there should be additional lighting on the stop signs so people know that they have to stop.

Mr. Cross responded absolutely and that there are plenty of things that can be added such as flashing lights to bring attention to it. He stated the light he had mentioned is a parking lot light, a shoebox type fixture approximately 25 feet up in the air.

Ms. Salmons asked if it is lit all along the back side of the building.

Mr. Cross responded yes, there are lights all along the back side.

Chairman Sula stated his first choice would be no east bound traffic on that particular stretch and to make it one-way.

Mr. Cross stated most deliveries would come in off of Tri-State Parkway along the south drive of the parking lot and then head northbound.

Chairman Sula stated in his mind the most dangerous situation is eastbound to southbound. He stated if someone is going north and wants to go west there will be better opportunity for line of sight.

Mr. McFarlane referenced the entrance at this point that goes to the right where there is a curb. He asked if that entrance will be opened up.

Mr. Cross responded they will maintain it and are leaving it as is, as broken up gravel and asphalt.

Chairman Sula stated the extra building makes this problematic.

Mr. McFarlane stated making this one-way is a good solution and drivers will be able to get around the area.

Chairman Sula asked the Commission for any other questions or comments.

Ms. Salmons referenced the 336 parking spots and asked how they get an additional 48 more parking spots with valet parking.

Mr. Cross stated the packets provided to the Commission shows the additional parking, which closes off an area for the valet parking spots.

Ms. Salmons asked what if they didn’t do that.

Mr. Cross responded valet parking is only “in case, if needed”. He stated under normal circumstances they will have 336 parking spots. He stated if there was a large event that they thought needed additional parking they developed a plan where they can use valet parking to basically park in the drive-aisles using 8 feet of it for cars basically parked down the driveway.

Chairman Sula stated it is basically like going to a Cubs game where you cannot get out unless someone actually gets the vehicle out.

Ms. Salmons asked what type of over-flow parking plan they have for the scenario if the hotel was totally full with a large event taking place.

Mr. Cross responded this comes back to their request of the joint use of parking. He stated from the calculations they have done, and from their study which is included in the packet provided to the Commission it looks at the demands for the different uses that they have. He stated the study looks at the times for the peak demands for the restaurant, hotel and banquet facility which demonstrates the peak times for the banquet facility and they will have a lesser peak for the restaurant. He also mentioned the shared use of the facilities where people who would be attending and staying at the hotel would also perhaps be going to the banquet and the restaurant. He stated they did the valet plan for the “what-if” scenario and they have more parking with the joint parking than they really need. He stated therefore, they are over on that as well as having the valet option. He stated he believes they are close to the Village requirement.

Chairman Sula stated from his perspective between the shared parking concept and the valet parking concept Village Staff and Mr. Grieve are comfortable with this. He added he believes this will be a good project.

Mr. McFarlane commented that even though a tough time was given on these requests, the improvements to the building are great and that this will be a very good improvement to this corner. He also mentioned it was a good to add stone into the drive ports in the front as well. He stated recognition is well deserved for putting a lot of money into the facility.

Chairman Sula asked for a motion.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Ms. Broughton, to forward a favorable recommendation for the Holiday Inn Convention Center re-model to approve the shared parking between the hotel, restaurant, banquet hall and conference center to approve the parking  modification to reduce the side-yard setback from (20) twenty feet to (1) one feet; to add a one-way aisle on the east side of the property going only north; a further parking modification to reduce the setback from (10) feet to (1) one feet along the east parking line to add the new parking stalls; and a further parking modification to allow dual use of the off-street parking area or (6) six stalls.

Chairman Sula stated to clarify the (20) twenty foot to (1) one foot is just along the east property line and the one-way is westbound at the northeast corner.

Chairman Sula asked for any discussion on the motion.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

6.   Minor Exception for Sign:  Heritage Woods of Gurnee
Ms. Booth stated Barron Development LLC is requesting a Minor Exception to the Sign Ordinance to reduce the required 8-inch letter height for a portion of the signage copy on their proposed ground sign at 3775 Grand Avenue.  She stated the ground sign is proposed for their Heritage Woods of Gurnee, a senior living facility that received Final PUD plan approval this past March.  She noted aside from the letter height, the proposed sign meets the setback, height, and area standards of the Sign Ordinance.  She stated additionally, Barron Development is requesting approval of a subdivision plat, to consolidate two existing lots into one 3.8 acre lot, as part of their Heritage Woods facility at 3775 Grand Ave.  She stated the subdivision plat was reviewed by the Village Engineer and found it complies with the requirements of the Gurnee Subdivision Ordinance.

Chairman Sula asked the Commission for any questions or comments for the Minor Exception for the sign.

Mr. McFarlane responded it is a good looking sign.

Chairman Sula asked for a motion.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Mr. Drennan, to approve the Minor Exception for the sign.

Chairman Sula asked the Commission for any discussion on the motion.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

7.  Final Plat of Subdivision:  Heritage Woods of Gurnee
Chairman Sula asked for the record if there are any changes or deviations from the preliminary plat.

Ms. Booth responded not that she is aware of. She stated it was reviewed by the Village Engineer who found that it complied with the requirements of the Gurnee Sub-Division Ordinance.

Chairman Sula asked if it is in substantial conformance to the preliminary plat.

Ms. Booth replied yes.

Chairman Sula asked the Commission for any questions or comments.

Chairman Sula asked for a motion.

Mr. McFarlane stated since the plan is in substantial conformance with the Preliminary Plat he makes a motion, seconded by Ms. Broughton, to approve and forward a favorable recommendation for Final Plat approval.

Roll Call
Ayes:  Sula, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan
Nays:  None
Abstain: None
Motion Carried: 5-0-0

Chairman Sula asked for motion to adjourn.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:32P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:


Joanne Havenhill
Plan Commission Secretary

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