Photo and Video Enforcement Program: Description & Goals

Commonly referred to as: Red Light Cameras

The Problem: Red Light Violations

Transportation safety agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety endorse photo enforcement technology as an effective public safety tool. The NHTSA reports that nearly 9,200 died in 2005 in intersection-related crashes. Approximately 805 people are killed and another 165,000 are injured annually in red light running collisions. Additionally, 40 to 45 percent of all crashes in the U.S. occur at intersections or are intersection-related. Public costs of red light running exceed $14 billion per year.

Campaign Goal: Safer Roadways

In concert with all of the Village’s traffic safety programs, the goal of this campaign is to make our community roads safer and reduce automobile-related tragedies by addressing red light running. The campaign seeks to re-establish respect for traffic signals in an effort to enhance the safety of residents and visitors. The aim is also to reduce the number and severity of crashes in addition to injuries and fatalities caused by dangerous and aggressive driving.

Transparency and Integrity

Our program is operated with the highest integrity. That's what the public demands and deserves. Citations are only issued by trained active or retired police officers. We have a standing, open invitation for anyone to come to the police station to view how our program operates. Meet the staff and witness them making actual citation decisions. Ask all the questions you want. People who have taken advantage of this unique invitation have come away knowing exactly why and how citations are issued. They also see that many citation recommendations, over 50% on average, are not converted to issued citations.