Landscape Waste Collection Program Begins April 10, 2017


2017 Landscape Waste Collection Begins the Week of April 10, 2017


Regular Landscape Waste Collection Begins the Week of April 10th

Unlimited Landscape Waste Collection ended Friday, April 7, 2017, and now the regular Landscape Waste Collection program begins. The Village contracts Waste Management to collect and dispose of these materials. The Village requests residents to please have the landscape waste at the curb for collection on the same day as your regularly scheduled garbage pick-up. All landscape waste must be placed in biodegradable Kraft paper bags/cans (maximum 32 gallons and 45 pounds). If you have any questions regarding landscape waste collection, please do not hesitate to contact Waste Management at (847) 395-2020.

Residents may select one of two options:

  • Yard Waste Subscription Service
    Under the Subscription Service, residents can place up to six bags of yard waste at the curb for collection every week. There is an additional charge for this service, which will be added to your regular garbage bill. The season runs from mid-April through November 26th. Please visit for current rates.
  • Yard Waste Sticker Program
    Under the sticker program, residents purchase yard waste stickers from local businesses and attach them to each bag or container of yard waste they wish to dispose of that week. This service allows residents to be charged for yard waste collection on a per parcel basis instead of a flat subscription fee. Under this program, residents are instructed by Waste Management to place yard waste materials in bags or containers not exceeding 32 gallons and to have the container clearly marked "yard waste."

    Please visit for current rates.

    Yard waste stickers are available at Ace Hardware (4806 W. Grand Avenue) and the Jewel located on Hunt Club Road (6509 Grand Avenue). Stickers may also be purchased through the mail by sending a check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Waste Management - North, P.O. Box 349, Antioch, IL 60002. Waste Management accepts Visa, Mastercard, or American Express over the phone. A $1.00 handling fee and a charge for postage will be added for all phone orders.

Landscape Waste Collection Guidelines:

Please have landscape materials at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your regular waste pickup day. Landscape materials left out after the week of November 21st will not be collected, and residents will need to find alternate methods of disposal.
In order for the landscape waste to be collected, it must be put into a container such as a Kraft-type paper bag not to exceed 45 pounds, a rigid can not to exceed 32 gallons, and/or bundles of brush not to exceed two feet in diameter by four feet long.  Bundles must be tied with twine or string in distinct piles and weigh no more than 60 pounds with no individual branch being greater than three inches in diameter.  Landscape waste must be placed at the curb or the edge of the road by 6:00 a.m. Failure to have materials out at this time could result in waste not being collected.
Please contact Waste Management at (800) 796-9696 or Village Hall at (847) 599-7500 with any questions. 


Brush/Branch Collection

The Village of Gurnee contracts Waste Management to collect and dispose of all brush and branch materials. Brush and branch collection services take place on the same day as your regular garbage pickup. Under the Brush and Branch Collection Program, Gurnee residents are asked to place brush and branch material at the curb for collection every week. Waste Management collects brush and branches weekly from mid-April to the end of November each year. The service is provided at no additional cost to the resident.

Residents are required, by Waste Management, to place all brush and branch material at the curb in bundles not exceeding two (2) feet in diameter and four (4) feet in length and to be tied with string or twine. Waste Management will not collect brush and branches that are not bundled. Branches should also not exceed 3" in diameter. If you have any questions regarding branch/brush collection, please do not hesitate to contact Waste Management at (847) 395-2020. 

Burning Leaves is Prohibited

The Village of Gurnee prohibits burning landscape waste. This ban includes a prohibition against leaf burning, the burning of brush or other landscape materials, construction materials, and bonfires. The Village does allow residents to create small outdoor wood burning fires. The ordinance permits residents to use portable outdoor fire pits and build small wood burning campfires. Residents who have historically disposed of autumn leaves by burning are requested to participate in the Leaf Collection Program. If you have any questions regarding the Village's burning restrictions, please contact the Village Hall at (847) 599-7500.

Where Can I Get Wood Chips?

Wood chips are a by-product of many Public Works programs. Residents can pick up these chips free of charge at the Public Works site located at 1151 Kilbourne Road. Please call Public Works at (847) 599-6800 before you come to ensure chips are available.