Community Development Applications & Permits

Some of the permits below may have an associated fee. Please check the Fee Schedule for a comprehensive listing of all fees.

Permit Applications/Forms


Description of Application/Form

Administrative Modification Application Planning & Zoning Adjustments to the approved final plan.
Annexation Application & Checklists Planning & Zoning For annexing property into the Village of Gurnee
Backflow Prevention Test & Certification Public Works/
Building Safety
For submitting RPZ test results for all commercial, industrial and residential buildings in the Village.
Bathing/Massage License Application Finance For more information and the license application, click the link on the left to reach the "Doing Business in Gurnee" page.
Block Party Permit
 Letters from Fire & Police Departments
Public Works For the temporary closure of public streets for a block party or similar public gathering.  Return completed application to the Public Works Department (1151 Kilbourne Road) or submit .

Building Permit Application - Short Form

Building Permit Application - New Construction/Addition

Building Safety

Short Form-Permit Application: Use this application for minor alterations including decks and patios, fences, basement finishes, pools/hot tubs, sheds, gazebos, reroofs/siding, replacement air conditioners and/or furnaces, water heaters, window/door replacements, and miscellaneous repair alterations.  In addition, this application can be used for minor commercial alterations and for “move-in” (i.e. occupancy) only.

New Construction/Addition Permit Application Use this application for new construction of residential and/or commercial buildings and for any additions to property. 

Consolidation of Parcels Application Engineering  
Demolition Permit Building Safety For demolition of structures. With application, include description of proposed demolition, site plan or aerial of structure(s) being removed, and contractor information.

Driveway Permit  (Right-of-Way Permit)

Engineering For any work to be accomplished in the public right-of-way (including but not limited to sewer or water extensions, franchise utility work, storm drainage, driveway connections, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, landscaping, undergrounding of utilities, street lighting, paving or any other excavation or pertinent installation in the right-of-way).
Escrow Agreement Planning & Zoning For an agreement on the reimbursement costs (i.e. Consultant) incurred by the Village in processing a development or land use application.
Informal Review Application Planning & Zoning Application for a potential applicant to informally present a project proposal before the Planning and Zoning Board.  The Informal Review is not a formal action item.
Interpretation Application Planning & Zoning
Application for formal review and interpretation of a specific provision of the Zoning Ordinance performed by the Zoning Administrator. (Please contact Planning & Zoning staff for additional details at 847.599.7550.)
Lawn Sprinkling Systems Engineering

For Lawn Sprinkling Systems, submit the following forms: 1) Building Permit application; 2) Supplemental Work on Public Right-of-Way Permit; 3) Lawn Sprinkling System Requirements; & 4) Sewer/Water Service Connection Application.

Natural Resource Information Report Request (NRI) Planning & Zoning

State legislation requires Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District NRI reports to be obtained by parties petitioning for municipal zoning action (typically only needed with construction of a new building and in conjunction with the following applications:  Annexation, PUD, & Rezoning). 

Personal Wireless Appearance Review Application Planning & Zoning For Cellular Tower/Antenna Collocation.
Planned Unit Development (PUD), Conceptual, Preliminary or Major Amendment Planning & Zoning For a parcel of land planned as a single unit with design flexibility from traditional siting regulations or land use restrictions.
Planned Unit Development (PUD), Final and/or Minor Amendment Planning & Zoning Application for a project seeking Final PUD approval (where a Preliminary PUD has been previously approved) or for a project seeking to make a "minor" change to certain provisions previously approved with a Final PUD.
Planned Unit Development (PUD), Administrative Modification Planning & Zoning Application for changes to a Final PUD that are neither major or minor. Please see Article 9.6 of the Zoning Ordinance for distinction between what constitutes a major and minor change.
Report a Property Maintenance or Nuisance Issue Code Enforcement For reporting property maintenance and nuisance issues.  This form is intended for Non-Emergency use only. For emergency issues, please call 911.
Right-of-Way Permit Engineering  
Sample Letter of Credit Engineering  
Sewer or Water Service Connection Application Engineering  
Sign Permit Application - Ground
     Sign Permit Checklist
Planning & Zoning For any permanent sign on a frame, pole, or other support structure that is not attached to any building.
Minor Sign Exception Permit Application Planning & Zoning For any sign that does not meet the requirement(s) of the Sign Ordinance and which does not require a Special Use Permit, per the sign ordinance.
Sign Permit Application - Master Planning & Zoning For all new ground and wall signs associated with new multi-tenant development or redevelopment. 
Sign Permit Application - Temporary
    Sign Permit Checklist
Planning & Zoning For a banner, pennant, valence, or advertising display that is not permanent (i.e. temporary).
Sign Permit Application - Wall
    Sign Checklist
Planning & Zoning For any permanent single-faced sign attached generally flush or parallel to the wall of a building.
Site Plan Review Planning & Zoning  
Special Use Permit Application Planning & Zoning For a use subject to special provisions and because of unique characteristics cannot be properly classified as a permitted use. 
Subdivision Plat Application Planning & Zoning For the creation of new lots or changes to existing lots.

Temporary Use Permit

      Supplemental Handout

Planning & Zoning

For temporary uses such as:  carnivals/circuses, christmas tree sales, contractor's offices & equipment sheds, real estate sales office, outdoor storage containers for residential & C/B2 zoned properties, and non-residential outdoor sales (i.e. sidewalk & rummage sales).

Tree Permit Application Engineering Application for the removal, replacement, or relocation of existing trees on vacant lots or lots already developed/built upon/occupied. (Exempt Lots: Residential lots subdivided before July 16, 2001.)
Utility Connection Form Engineering  
Variation Application Planning & Zoning For granting a property owner relief from certain Zoning Ordinance provisions if compliance results in a particular hardship.
Watershed Development Permit Application Engineering  
Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) Planning & Zoning For changing the zoning of a lot. 
Zoning Text Amendment Planning & Zoning For amending the text of the Zoning Ordinance.