2014 Local and Tollway Road Construction Updates

The start of construction season is upon us and, to keep the public informed, the Village will post updates about road construction projects taking place in the community during the construction season to this page. Information will be added to this page throughout the construction season, so check back often for updates.

The Village also periodically emails this information to individuals who have subscribed to the Village-Announce Construction & Development Updates list serve. Information in these emails will also be posted to this page. 

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 IDOT/Lake County Traffic Advisories:


2014 Village Road Construction Maps

The maps below indicate the areas in which work will be performed:

  • Area 1
    • Area 2
      • Area 3
        • Area 4
          • Area 5



            2014 Village Crack Sealing Program

            What Is the Crack Sealing Program?

            Crack sealing is a process of routing the cracks, cleaning the cracks, and then finally sealing the cracks. This keeps the moisture out of the sub-base to extend the life of the pavement. The sealer will take about ten minutes to dry. Streets will be swept within 48 hours of the work to clean up the debris from routing. Residents are asked to refrain from parking on the roadway while the work is being completed on their street until sweeping of the entire street is completed. Download the map to see which Village streets are a part of the 2014 program.

            If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Division at 847-599-7550 between the hours 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.



            2014 Village Road Construction Updates




            October 10, 2014

            • 2014 Street Maintenance Project

              Major work in Areas 1, 2, and 5 has been completed. Some cleanup items such as driveway, concrete, and landscaping repairs remain outstanding and will be addressed later this month.

              Nations Drive in Area 3 is completed with the exception of striping. Ralph and Norman have had the first layer of asphalt installed. Surface courses of asphalt will installed later this month.

              Heavy work effort is now occurring in Area 4 to rebuild Harper and Blackstone Avenues. Following this operation a patch will be performed on Lawrence Avenue in the ‘S’ curve.

              Due to time constraints the Village has reluctantly removed University Avenue and Pine Grove Avenue from the repair list this year.  Drainage improvements have been completed and the contractor will repair driveways and ditches to provide proper drainage over the winter months. Staff is planning to add Pine Grove to the 2015 project, subject to Village Board approval.

            • Tollway to Reduce Traffic on Westbound Grand Avenue to One Lane at Dilley's Road Beginning Saturday, October 11th through November

              The Village has received notice from the Illinois Tollway that, as part of Phase Two of the I-94/Grand Avenue interchange project, a new traffic pattern will be used on westbound Grand Avenue starting at Dilleys Road beginning on or around Saturday, October 11th. At that time, the Tollway will taper traffic from three westbound lanes to one in order to accommodate traffic merging on to westbound Grand Avenue from the Tollway while construction occurs on one of the ramps. This new traffic pattern is expected to continue into November. Residents are strongly encouraged to use Stearns School Road, Washington Street and IL Route 120 as alternative routes during this time.

              As a reminder, this work is part of a larger project to complete a reconstruction of the interchange’s ramps, which will include the installation of new concrete and a realignment of the ramps to promote smoother traffic flow on and off the Tollway. Once Phase Two has been completed, work will resume in summer 2015.

              Detours will be posted throughout the duration of work. Regular updates on this project and others occurring in the area will be issued through the Village’s construction news listserv as well as its social media accounts and website. For more information on this project and the detours to be used, please visit the Tollway's website. Please contact the Village’s Engineering Division at (847) 599-7550 with any questions.



            September 5, 2014

            2014 Street Maintenance Project

            • The final Hot-Mix-Asphalt (HMA) surface course paving was completed in Area 1 (Ravinia Woods and Korbel Dr.) on 8/28.  


            Area 1 

            • The contractor is currently working on HMA pavement patching on St. Paul Ave.

            St. Paul Ave.

            • Area 2 (Hickory Haven and Fairway Ridge) is scheduled for paving the first course of pavement (leveling binder) later this week and following up with the completion of the driveway restoration and final surface paving in the subsequent weeks.

            Area 1

            • Area 3 – Storm sewer installation will continue on N. Brown Circle at the intersection of Norman Avenue. 

            The Village is awaiting an updated schedule for the remainder of the work areas and will continue to update the web page upon receipt of a revised schedule from the contractor.



            August 6, 2014

            • 2014 Street Maintenance Project

              The past few days the Contractor’s work force has been concentrating on the Hot-Mix-Asphalt pavement patching in Area 1 (Ravinia Woods and Korbel Dr.). The patching work is now completed in this area, and the focus will be to clean the pavement in preparation for paving of the first course of pavement.  Paving of the first course of pavement (leveling binder) is scheduled for Friday and Saturday (8/8 and 8/9).  The oil (prime coat) application is scheduled to occur in the early morning hours of Friday, pending proper weather conditions.  Upon completion of the leveling binder paving, driveway repairs will be addressed to restore driveways and the final surface paving will follow, along with landscaping.

              Areas 2 (Fairway Ridge) and Area 5 (Tanglewood/Russell) are scheduled to have the surface milling performed during the week of 8/11-8/15 and the process of the remainder of the work in these areas will be similar to the staging of Area 1.


              Work in Area 1



            July 21, 2014

            • 2014 Street Maintenance Project

              The majority of the concrete work has been completed in Area 1, Area 3, and Area 5 and access to driveways in the areas will take place by the middle of the week.  Concrete work is progressing in Area 2 (Fairway Ridge) and is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

              Surface milling will be ongoing in Area 1 (Ravinia Woods and Korbel  Dr.). Once the milling is completed, the contractor will begin the patching operations and follow up with the paving of the leveling binder and the final surface course. 

              Culvert installations will continue along Blackstone Ave., and Harper Ave. (Area 4) later this week.  



            June 16, 2014

            • 2014 Street Maintenance Project

              Starting this week sub-contractor operations will begin on this project.  Storm sewer installations on Lawrence Ave., Shadowrock Ct., and Greenbriar Ct. will be performed to improve drainage of the roadway and provide sump pump connections to the Village storm sewer system.  Staging work and traffic control signage will be erected in the Ravinia Woods and the Elysian Fields (Area 1) to facilitate the start of the curb and sidewalk repairs. The first step in the curb and sidewalk work will be saw cutting of the areas to be replaced.  If work is scheduled to be performed on curb or sidewalk that may affect access to your driveway, a door tag will be placed on your door notifying of the day this will occur.