Babysitter/Visitor Information

We use babysitters often. Whether they are people from our family or recruited from the community, most are not familiar with our home and where emergency information can be obtained. When we place trust of our loved ones with others, it is only appropriate to all concerned to know how to take care of emergencies when they occur.

Create a form for your babysitter and include the following information:

  • Address where the person is babysitting


  • The phone number of the home


  • Police: 911


  • Fire: 911


  • Ambulance: 911


  • The location at which the parents will be


  • The phone number at which the parents can be reached


  • Approximate time the parents will return


  • Location of the Home Emergency Plan


  • Location of the household Emergency Kit



    • Don't open the door for anyone until you are sure you know who they are.
    • Keep all doors locked.
    • Know where the children are playing whether outside or inside.


  • Include a spot for the babysitter to leave messages.