Blue Ribbon Commission


As part of the Village of Gurnee's 2015 Strategic Planning Process, the Village hosted community engagement sessions in August to solicit feedback from residents and stakeholders on top priorities in Gurnee. During the process, a prevailing issue that was mentioned was that residents desired increased walkability in the community. The suggestions were included in the final draft of the strategic plan, which can be found here

The first step in the process for developing a framework for the committee was to create a survey for residents to provide feedback on their pedestrian habits. Results from the survey will be posted to this page.


The Blue Ribbon Commission

The following members were appointed by the Mayor and Village Board to serve as representatives for the Blue Ribbon Commission on Walkability and Biking:

  • Richard McFarlane, Chair
  • Susie Kuruvilla, Member
  • Bob Shuppert, Member
  • Nancy Hill, Member
  • Joyce Mason, Member
  • Randy Seebach, Member
  • Paul Bruno, Member