CPR Classes

Time is truly important. It's important for your family, your friends, and for yourself. It's also critical when it comes to saving a life. Why not use time to your advantage? Begin by making a commitment to learn a very valuable skill which could make that all important difference between life and death.

The skill is known as CPR. CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, a basic skill which provides mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in conjunction with chest compressions. This simple skill can adequately sustain the heart and lungs of a person who has fallen victim to a cardiac arrest.

CPR is easily learned and can be performed on anyone suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. It only requires a few short hours of classroom work along with the practical applications to fully understand and perform CPR.

The Gurnee Fire Department is currently offering CPR, AED, and First Aid classes to businesses within the Village of Gurnee and Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District.

  • Each class costs $200 (maximum of 10 students per class).
  • To customize your class (i.e., span 2 or 3 class sessions), please call our station for class quote(s) at 847-599-6600.

All fees are posted in the Village of Gurnee Comprehensive Fee Schedule and are strictly followed. As a courtesy to our surrounding Departments, we are required to offer classes only to businesses within our fire boundaries.