Strategic Traffic Education and Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.)

Strategic Traffic Education and Enforcement Program designed to educate the public about traffic problems and to enforce traffic laws to gain compliance. This program includes the use of radar by residents in a cooperative educational and enforcement effort.

The Neighborhood Watch Speed Program solicits the help of the community to identify traffic offenders in residential areas. The program allows certain residents, homeowners or apartment lessees over 21 who have been trained, to check out a radar unit for a period of three to four days. Along with the radar unit, there is a log sheet to enter the results of their efforts. Prior to leaving the police facility, citizens are briefed on avoiding confrontations. No enforcement action is to be taken by the citizen using the radar gun.

Once completed with their efforts, the logs are then reviewed for content. Valid information will generate a letter from the Chief of Police to the registered owner of the vehicle detailing the alleged violations.