Red Light Cameras

Photo and Video Enforcement Program (Red Light Cameras) In concert with all of the Village’s traffic safety programs, the goal of this program is to make our community roads safer and reduce automobile-related tragedies by addressing red light running. The campaign seeks to re-establish respect for traffic signals in an effort to enhance the safety of residents and visitors. The aim is also to reduce the number and severity of crashes in addition to injuries and fatalities caused by dangerous and aggressive driving.

Mayor and Police Chief Participate in On-Air Interview About Photo Enforcement

On August 7th 2012, Mayor Kovarik, Chief Woodside, and Tom Agos appeared on the Lenny Palmer radio show, WLIP 1050 AM, to discuss red light photo enforcement in the village of Gurnee. Click on the below link to hear the program.

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Photo and Video Enforcement Program: Description & Goals

Commonly referred to as: Red Light Cameras

The Problem: Red Light Violations

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Photo and Video Enforcement Program Hearing Process

Hearings are held on the first and second Tuesday of each month between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Gurnee Police Department’s Community Room, 100 N. O’Plaine Road, Gurnee, IL  60031. No hearings will be held on 06/07/16. For more information please call 847-599-7171 during regular business hours and we will be glad to assist you.

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What about right turn on red?

A violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection after the signal light has turned red. Right turn on red is no different. Illinois law allowing right turns on red signals (625 ILCS 5/11-306c3) requires drivers to come to a complete stop, yield to traffic on the opposing roadway and pedestrians in the crosswalk, then proceed with the right turn if it's safe to do so.

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Who can give me more information on the red light photo enforcement program?

You may call 847-599-7171 or email for any other questions or comments. A trained member of the police department will be glad to assist you.

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Cameras seem very “Big Brother” to me. How do you answer that concern?

Many of our laws are built around providing for the safety and the greater good of society and it’s important to note law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear by the cameras. Camera equipment is posted in public areas and clearly marked to allow citizens to be aware that they are there. Cameras have become a part of our everyday existence.

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