Street Signs

The purpose of traffic control signs or devices is to promote roadway safety and efficiency by providing orderly movement of all road users on any street and highway throughout the United States. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) contains the basic principles that govern the design and use of traffic controls signs or devices for all streets and highways open to public travel regardless of the type, class, or the public agency jurisdiction. The MUTCD specifies the design, placement, operation, maintenance, and uniformity of all traffic control signs or devices
Gurnee Public Works is responsible for the care and maintenance of close to 3,800 traffic control signs throughout the Village. Public Works is responsible for the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of the traffic control signs within the Village. The Lights and Signs crew utilizes a new, state-of-the-art, reflective material produced by 3M called DG3. This material offers a greater degree of visibility and reflectivity at night, while extending the life of the signs. The sign materials, sign color, aluminum sign blanks, signs posts, and installation procedures are all outlined and regulated by the MUTCD.
Currently, the Public Works department is in the process of replacing all existing 24” stop signs with new 30” stop signs using a new material called DG3. This upgrade must be completed by the end of 2013 to be in compliance with a Federal mandate outlined by the MUTCD.
The MUTCD has outlined a new mandate that requires all traffic control signs to have specific requirements for sign reflectivity. The MUTCD specifies that all municipalities must have an updated sign inventory and written plan by January 2012, with an emphasis on replacing bad ground mounted signs by January 2015. The purpose of this long range plan is for municipalities to place an emphasis on removing old deteriorated signs and to maintain a regular maintenance and replacement program and plan for all sign installations, when sign reflectivity levels have dropped below the required minimum levels. 
The Lights and Signs section currently maintains a sign inventory database which tracks all installation and maintenance operations of all Village-owned traffic control signs. With this database, Public Works is capable of meeting the deadlines established by the MUTCD.