Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Plan Commission - August 3, 2011


Village of Gurnee

Plan Commission Minutes

August 3, 2011



The meeting was called to order at 7:33 P.M.


Plan Commission Members Present:       Chairman James Sula, David Nordentoft, Richard McFarlane, Gwen Broughton, Sharon Salmons, Patrick Drennan


Plan Commission Members Absent:        None


Other Officials Present:                          Doug Stiles, Village Attorney; Tracy Velkover, Planning Manager; Ryan Mentkowski, Associate Planner


1.  Approval of Plan Commission Meeting Minutes for July 6, 2011.

Chairman Sula noted a correction to the minutes, with that being on page 5 about ¾ of the way down the page noting “cable roof” should be changed to “gable roof”.


Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Ms. Salmons, to approve the Plan Commission Meeting Minutes for

July 6, 2011.


Roll Call

Ayes:                Sula, Nordentoft, McFarlane, Broughton, Salmons, Drennan

Nays:                None

Abstain:            None

Motion Carried:  6-0-0


2.  Minor Sign Exception:  Benjamin Moore J.C. Licht / Epco Paint

Mr. Mentkowski stated Doyle Sign Company, on behalf of J.C. Licht/Epco Paint, is requesting a minor exception to the Sign Ordinance to allow lettering on two existing ground signs to be less than the required 8-inch letter height.  He stated the property is zoned C/B-1 PUD, Neighborhood Business District as a Planned Unit Development and is generally located at the northwest corner of Lawson Avenue and Grand Avenue in the Northern Lights Crossing Commercial Center.

Chairman Sula noted that since this is a Minor Exception the Plan Commission has the final determination on this matter.

Mr. John Streets of Doyle Sign Company stated he is present on behalf of J.C. Licht/Epco Paint. He stated this location as in all the Epco locations is changing over to Benjamin Moore / J.C. Licht/Epco Paint & Decorating. He stated Benjamin Moore owns J.C. Licht/Epco Paint. He stated J.C. Licht/Epco Paint have joined forces with Benjamin Moore and have a great presence in the Chicago market and are updating signs at all of their locations. He stated permits have already been pulled for signs going on the buildings to retrofit this location. He stated the signs for the building are the standard logo signs which are branded under the Benjamin Moore brand. He stated the tenant panels on the signs at Northern Lights Crossing have been challenging as the panels are small and the name is very long. He stated to try to fit Benjamin Moore / J.C. Licht/Epco Paint & Decorating has proven impossible to accommodate the 8 inch lower case character height defined by code. He noted what the Commission has before them is their best effort to accommodate the minimum character height. He stated the “B” in Benjamin Moore is  5 5/8” high and the lower case characters are 4 ¼” for the Benjamin Moore and the second line of copy denotes the “J” and “C” as 4 3/8” high with the lower case characters being 3 ¼“ in height. He stated this does accommodate Benjamin Moore / J.C. Licht/Epco Paint and shows how it has been shortened. He stated they have done the best they could do to maximize the character height for the copy that will go onto this sign and if approved this will adequately identify this site to passing traffic in the area.

Chairman Sula stated to clarify the issue that is before the Commission is that the height of the letters is shorter than what would be envisioned.

Chairman Sula asked for any questions or comments from the Commission.


Ms. Salmons stated she went by the property earlier today to specifically look at the sign that faces Grand Avenue. She stated currently the sign is not that big to read at present and stated if the sign were to be made smaller the logo on the Grand Avenue side would be unreadable.

Mr. Streets responded that in his opinion all the graphics on the sign are a little too small. He stated he understands that many of the panels on the sign went in prior to code being initiated. He stated to limit the sign to just ½ of what the name is would not be very accommodating as well. He stated they are accommodating the logo colors of red, white and yellow and believes Benjamin Moore will be very readable on the red background because of the contrast between the white and the red colors as well as the yellow and the red colors. He stated if someone is looking for Benjamin Moore they will see it.

Mr. Nordentoft stated the Commission has struggled with the signage in this complex for a very long time. He stated they have to live within the structure that they are given and with what the petitioner is given. He stated the accommodation that is being requested is fairly reasonable given the constraints that are already in place. He stated short of imploding everything on site and starting from scratch, which will not happen, the Commission will need to be accommodating. He stated that the petitioner has emphasized the Benjamin Moore component is where the real identity comes, in terms of paint. He stated this is fairly reasonable even though it is not really where the Commission wants to go in terms of the sign ordinance. He stated he feels the Commission should just move forward with this request.

Ms. Velkover stated the petitioner has modified the sign from the original request. She stated the original request had Epco Paint  “and Decorating” which has been removed to maximize the size of the letters as best as possible while keeping all three names.

Chairman Sula stated he agrees with Mr. Nordentoft in that the main corporate identity is present and to facilitate having a sub-corporate local proprietor reference is a reasonable request.

Mr. McFarlane stated he agrees.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Mr. Nordentoft, to approve the Minor Sign Exception for Benjamin Moore / J.C. Licht/Epco Paint.

Roll Call

Ayes:                Sula, Nordentoft, McFarlane, Broughton, Drennan

Nays:                Salmons

Abstain:            None

Motion Carried:  5-1-0


3.    Continued Public Hearing:  Special Use Permit for EPIC Air LLC Indoor Trampoline Park

Chairman Sula stated EPIC Air, LLC, is considering doubling their size and therefore, they are not quite ready to present to the Commission. He stated the best option is to provide time to the petitioner and the Village consultants which could be done by granting a continuance to September 7, 2011. He stated he would like to recommend this continuance to the September 7, 2011 regular meeting.

Mr. Nordentoft made a motion, seconded by Ms. Broughton, to approve the requested continuance for EPIC Air, LLC to September 7, 2011.

Motion carried.


Chairman Sula asked for motion to adjourn.

Mr. McFarlane made a motion, seconded by Mr. Nordentoft, to adjourn.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:43P.M.


Respectfully Submitted:

Joanne Havenhill

Plan Commission Secretary

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