Public Works


1151 Kilbourne Road

In May 2001, the Village of Gurnee Public Works Department moved into their new facility, located at 1151 Kilbourne Road. After a year of construction, the new facility was opened for operations at the beginning of June. The new facility replaces the existing Public Works building which was too small and too dated for the Public Works Department's current needs. The new facility provides the space Public Works needs to continue providing the finest service to the citizens of Gurnee, both now and into the future. Features of the new facility include:

Features of the New Facility

The new facility houses a 3,600 square foot administration office area which includes the offices of the Director, Department Supervisors, and Office Manager, as well as the lobby, public restrooms, a conference room, mail room, and general open office space.

Support areas include Men's and Women's locker areas, a combination Lunch/Training area, janitorial closets, mechanical and electrical rooms, and a room for the equipment the Water Department uses to monitor all of the Village's wells and water main system.

Vehicle Storage
The vehicle storage area is approximately 18,000 square feet and accommodates 28 vehicles indoors, thereby reducing required maintenance and extending the usable life of the equipment by as much as 5-7 years.


A separate enclosed, heated wash bay provides the resources needed to keep vehicles clean during all seasons. This addition will prove valuable particularly in the winter, as it is important to wash plow trucks after they respond to snow events. Keeping the trucks clean reduces corrosion of the vehicles and ensures the trucks will be ready to respond to weather emergencies without concern of frozen hydraulics or mechanical parts.


Vehicle Maintenance
The 5,800 square foot vehicle maintenance area holds six service bays in which the entire Village fleet will be maintained, including Police and Fire vehicles. Three of the six vehicle bays include vehicle lifts, with lift capacities of 9,000 lbs., 50,000 lbs., and 75,000 lbs. respectively.

Separate shop areas are provided for the Water Department, Sign & Street Light Department, and Maintenance Department. Space is also allocated for a future Forestry Department. Each of these areas, as well as the Vehicle Maintenance area, has partial mezzanine space for additional storage.

An emergency generator provides backup power for the entire facility to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of the Public Works Department during any situation that could cause a power outage.


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