Flood Recovery Resources

Recent sustained, heavy rains have caused the Des Plaines River to flood, which has impacted homes, businesses, and roadways in the floodplain area. Once flood waters begin to recede, clean up and recovery can begin. The Village has compiled this list of resources to help guide you through the recovery and restoration process.

Inspect Utilities

  • Use extreme caution around any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical system that has been affected by water and shut off the supplies to these systems prior to their use.
  • Electrical wiring can corrode and sustain damage if submerged and present an electrocution hazard.  Furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners and appliances should be inspected by a professional prior to restarting.
  • If you need your utilities turned back on or are experiencing any issues, please contact your utility provider.


Contact your insurance agent. Not only will they help you assess the damage to your home, but they may have contacts with companies who can perform some of the clean up operations your home may need. 


 Pump Out Standing Water

  • Standing water should be removed as soon as the risk of further flooding has subsided.
  • The ground surrounding any below grade basements or crawlspaces is likely to be saturated. Pumping water from the interior too quickly can lead to shifting of foundation walls.
  • Standing water is likely to be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, infectious organisms, or debris that has been picked up by rising waters. Precautions should be taken to prevent infections and contamination.
  • Depending on the contamination level of the water being removed, discharge may be limited to sanitary sewer systems as approved by the Village.  Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions at 847.599.6800.


Contact the Village for Damage Assessment Inspection and Permit Requirements

  • Permits and inspections are required for repairs to homes impacted by the flooding. These repairs will be evaluated for conformance with special regulations established by FEMA.

  • Accurate costs of construction must be provided along with the scope of work being performed. The loss estimate created by your insurance agent is useful for this purpose.

  • Save all receipts associated with cleanup and disposal to provide to your insurance agent and the Village for the tracking of construction costs. These costs will also be used to support FEMA disaster relief aid requests.


Remove Carpet and Drywall  

  • Mold can start to grow in 24-48 hours on concealed soft surfaces such as under carpets and behind drywall. Prompt removal of materials that have been submerged will prevent mold from growing beyond the high water line.
  • Remove drywall by performing a horizontal “flood-cut” above the high water line, which will make it easier to perform repairs.
  • Remove insulation and carpet padding at the same time as drywall and carpet.



  • When looking for mitigation and restoration contractors, remember there are multiple contractors who provide these services. The Village recommends contacting at least two or three contractors for estimates prior to signing a contract.
  • As with hiring any company to perform work on your home, ask the contractor for a list of local references. Take advantage of the provided references and contact previous customers for their opinion of the contractors’ work.
  • Check with the Community Development Department at 847.599.7550 to see if your contractor needs to be licensed with the Village of Gurnee.


Debris Removal

  • While the Village is not responsible for removing or disposing debris from your property, the Village will work with Waste Management to assist impacted individuals with disposal.  Those who participate in the Village’s weekly curbside garbage/recycling program are also allowed to place one bulk item at the curb each week.  Visit the Village’s Refuse Collection page at  http://www.gurnee.il.us/waste/refuse#bulk for more details or contact Waste Management at 847.395.2020.

    Private contractors are also available to provide dumpsters and disposal services.


Governmental Resources



The Village negotiated a special rate with Best Western Gurnee Inn and Country Inn & Suites for those displaced by the April 2013 flood:

  • Best Western: 847-782-0890
  • Country Inn & Suites: 847-625-9700

Other hotel accommodations available in Gurnee:

  • Econolodge: 847-623-7777
  • Extended Stay America: 847-662-3060
  • Fairfield Gurnee Inn: 847-855-8868
  • Gurnee Comfort Inn: 847-855-8866
  • Gurnee Grand Hotel: 866-874-7263
  • Hampton Inn Gurnee: 847-662-1100
  • Holiday Inn-Gurnee: 847-336-6300
  • KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark: 224-656-8017
  • La Quinta Inn: 847-662-7600



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