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Active Bids/RFPs

Online Auction for Three Village Dump Trucks
Notice to Bidders: Pressure Zone 5 Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Knowles Road Elevated Water Tank

Past Bids/RFPs

RFP: East Grand Avenue Landscape Maintenance
2018 Street Maintenance Program - Gurnee Project #8363
Almond Road Water Main Crossings
Conduit Boring from FH#1 to Village Hall
Water Main and Sanitary Improvements Highland Avenue
2018 Fuel Bid
Notice to Bidders: 4580 Old Grand Avenue Water Tower Demolition
Notice to Bidders: 2017 Roadway & Water Main Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Mudjacking Services FY18-20
Notice to Bidders: 2017 Street Maintenance Program
RFQ: 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update
RFP: 2017 Network Equipment