Citizen Police Academy: Week 10

  Citizen Police Academy



Week 9

Local Ordinances and Prosecution

Community Service Officer





Attorney Dennis Daly handles all of the GPD's local ordinance cases. A local ordinance case is anything from a speeding ticket to disorderly conduct to theft. He explained the responsibilities of a municipal prosecutor, and then went over the various options a citizen has when given a traffic ticket. He also explained the process a case takes once it reaches the court system.

Up next was Community Service Officer (CSO) Kathy Reichers-Ronzani who gave us an informative (and entertaining!) presentation of a CSO's responsibilities. CSOs handle a multitude of tasks--we students had no idea of just how many different scenarios a CSO might handle in a typical day. Lock your keys out of your car? No problem. CSO Reichers-Ronzani hasn't met a car yet that she can't open. To prove her skill, she brought a car door to class to demonstrate the tools she would use to open the door. She also let students try it, but I think we're better off leaving some things to the professionals. CSOs also handle animal complaints (both domestic and wild), accidents, traffic control, parking violations, and more.

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officer Tami Martin wrapped up the evening by explaining what D.A.R.E. is and how the program is educating students to the dangers of drug use and peer pressure. She said the program doesn't spend a lot of time talking about the drugs themselves; instead, they focus on the consequences of drug use. The program works to build children's self-esteem so they won't feel the need to bow to peer pressure and encourages them to involve themselves in healthy activities, such as sports or clubs, so they won't have time for drugs. One of the many good things about the program is that the instructors insist the students treat one another with kindness and respect to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

Our final class is next week, and we'll be introduced to the world of drug paraphernalia and crime prevention.