Citizen Police Academy: Week 5

Citizen Police Academy



Who can resist that face?

Radar succeeds in finding the hidden drugs.

On Sergeant Lange's command, Radar attacks.

It's not all work . . . Sergeant Lange and Radar at play.


Week 5

Records Department & Functions

K-9 Duties & Demonstration




Have you ever felt as if you were drowning in paperwork? After tonight's class, I imagine that must be something the Gurnee Police Department's Records Clerks feel on a daily basis. Records Assistant Becky Stutts described the functions and responsibilities of the Records Department. This department has the seemingly overwhelming responsibility of keeping track of all of the reports the department issues, from accident reports to traffic citations to parking tickets to general case reports to sex offender files, and so much more. The Records Dept. schedules court dates and notifies involved parties as to which day to show up in court. They work with insurance companies to distribute police reports necessary for claim filing. And they work with those involved in cases to obtain any paperwork they need. We saw the aisles and aisles of files they maintain . . . I wish they could give me tips to keep my paperwork at home so organized!


The second part of the class featured Radar, Gurnee's canine officer, and his partner, Sergeant Jim Lange. Radar is as impressive as he is massive; lying by Sergeant Lange's side, he appears as docile as any house pet. But the instant Sergeant Lange signals a command, Radar's 90-lbs. of fierceness spring into action.

Radar is amazing in many ways: his strength, his abilities, his intelligence. But it is his unwavering loyalty to Sergeant Lange, and his ability to block out everyone but him, that impressed me most. Classmates tested Radar's devotion by attempting to lure him from Sergeant Lange's side with the promise of treats. Radar never budged, but it was tough getting Sergeant Lange away from the cookie table. (Just kidding Sergeant Lange!) Next, Sergeant Lange hid drugs under a box and commanded Radar to find them--which he did, immediately. Sergeant Lange upped the ante a bit and hid them in a desk drawer next. Again, Radar found the spot right away and would have gladly torn the desk apart to retrieve them if Sergeant Lange would have let him.

The real test of Radar's fierceness and devotion came when Shannon McMillan, an instructor at the TOPS kennel at which Radar and Jim trained, arrived to help demonstrate Radar's prowess. First, Shannon pretended to attack Sergeant Lange. Instantly, Radar flew at Shannon and locked his jaws on Shannon's (fortunately padded) arm. Next, Sergeant Lange and Radar stood across the room from Shannon. The instant Sergeant Lange signaled, Radar attacked Shannon and pushed him to the ground.

Watching this pair in action is a definite highlight of being a CPA student. Sign up and check it out for yourself! If you still need convincing, check back for the description of our next class during which CPA students will be unleashed on the Firearm Training Simulator (F.A.T.S.)!