Billing Procedures



Billing Frequency

Bills are currently issued on a bimonthly basis (every two months) for the prior two month's usage.  


Water Service and Billing Inquiries

For questions regarding water usage, bill amount, or a final water reading, please contact the Village of Gurnee at 847-599-7500. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5pm.

Billing Process

  • Day 1:    Bill is mailed
  • Day 28:  Amount is due
  • Day 31:  10% late fee is assessed on any past due balance, and a late notice is mailed
  • Day 44:  Door tag/notice of terminations placed at residence
  • Day 55:  Service is terminated, water is shut off and $100 turn on fee is added to account. Water can be turned back on during Public Works normal working hours, if dues are paid by 2:30 PM. If dues are paid after 2:30 PM, the fee will increase to $150 along with past due fees.


Penalty/Shut-Off Notice/Shut-Off Service

The Village must impose these additional fees to defray costs for late notices; shut offs, and service resumptions so that delinquent customers, and not all rate-payers, pay these costs. Please keep your account up-to-date to avoid these penalties:

  • Late Fee – 31 days after a bill is issued and unpaid, a 10% penalty is assessed on the outstanding bill amount only.
  • Door tag/Notice of Termination – A shut-off notice will be issued for any balance unpaid after 44 days.
  • Actual Shut Off of Service – Service personnel will be sent to shut-off water and sewer service to an account address with a past due balance unpaid after 55 days. A $100 turn-on fee will be added to your account when an employee is sent to your address. This fee, along with any previous balance and penalties or fees, must be paid prior to resumption of service.


Water Service Deposit

A $50 deposit is required from all renting tenants within Village of Gurnee limits. That $50 fee will be added to first bill, and will be applied to FINAL BILL upon termination or closing of the account.