How Can I Become Involved in the Update of the Zoning Ordinance?

The Zoning Ordinance Update process will provide many opportunities for direct citizen and business involvement:

  • Press Releases: Press releases with information about the Zoning Ordinance Update will be provided in the local newspaper and posted to the Village website.
  • Meetings and Hearings: Times and dates of public meetings and hearings will be posted on the Meeting Schedule page.
  • Document Center: All documents pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance Update will be posted to this section for public review as soon as they become available .
  • Twitter: Follow the Village’s twitter feed at
  • Listserve: Sign up for the Village’s listserve to receive email updates on activities regarding the Zoning Ordinance Update.

Your input is invaluable; we strongly encourage you to read the reports and draft recommendations, attend the meetings and hearings, and provide us with your feedback.  Use the Contact Us tab to share your ideas and thoughts.