• May 4, 2022, 14:08 PM

FAQ: Some Households Moving from Eligo to ComEd As Supplier

As part of the Village's continuing electric aggregation program, some residents are receiving notice that they are moving from Eligo Energy to ComEd as their supplier. This post card is not a scam. There is no cost to you and you will not experience any decrease or increase in pricing with the switch. 

The below FAQ answers more of the questions regarding why some households are receiving notice of the drop:

 Is the postcard a scam?  Is the Village aware of this?
The Village is aware that the postcards were sent out. It is not a scam.

Why is the Village doing this?
The Village manages a Municipal Aggregation program for our residents. This program allows the Village to secure more favorable billing rates/terms for its residents. The costs of our Municipal Aggregation supplier (Eligo) to serve your account have gone up considerably. Therefore, they are returning your account to ComEd.

What do I need to do?
There is no action needed on your part.

What changes should I expect?
You will not experience any changes to your service or billing. ComEd will continue to bill your account and ComEd will continue to maintain the power lines in the event of an outage.

What is the financial impact to me?
There is NO IMPACT to you. Our supplier was previously charging you the ComEd rate. So there will be no change in your rate when you return to ComEd.

What is the current ComEd rate?
The current rate is 7.78¢/kilowatt hour through May of 2022. (Our consultant informs us that electric rates are expected to drop next June.)

I received a letter from ComEd. What is that about?
The ComEd letter is confirming the move back to ComEd. No action is needed on your part.

Residents can learn more about the electric aggregation program at: Electrical Aggregation

For additional questions, contact the Village at 847-599-7500.