Crime Alerts

Although it is impractical to inform ALL residents of ALL crimes, we strive to keep our community informed. Crime alerts sent out via email are an intricate part of staying informed.

When the department detects a crime series or pattern developing, a crime alert is generated. When a verified violent crime occurs in a neighborhood, a crime alert is generated. Depending on the complexion of the crimes, either the entire village will receive the alert or only the affected are will. Ultimately we strive to keep our residents informed of serious crime occurring in and around their neighborhood.

To receive information via the village's telephone-based mass notification system, please visit and self-enroll.

Additionally, for safety information in your neighborhood, make sure you are signed up with Nextdoor. Nextdoor is the secure neighborhood social media platform that is only available to you and your neighbors. To view the Village of Gurnee's updates, visit