Political Sign Guidelines

To keep Gurnee right-of-ways clear from signs that are in violation of the Gurnee Municipal Code, the Village has put together information for all candidates on guidelines for sign placement in Gurnee.

All illegal parkway signs will be removed by Village Staff. Signs in violation of ordinances will be placed near the dumpster at Village Hall, and will be available for candidates to retrieve.

Campaign Sign Guidelines

Campaign (candidate or ballot issue) signs are regulated by Zoning Ordinance 13.3 (4) as follows:

A. For lots containing any single-family, two-family, or multi-family dwelling units or
lots that are zoned for single-family, two-family, or multi-family use, the following
is allowed:

  • Lot frontages along a major roadway, as specified below, may have an aggregate of 16 sq. ft. of political signage displayed along these roadways.
  • Lot frontages not along a major roadway may have an aggregate of 16 sq. ft. as long as any one sign does not exceed 3 sq. ft.

B. For lots containing office, commercial, institutional, public or industrial use or
which are zoned for office, commercial, institutional, public or industrial use, any
campaign sign is allowed for a period not earlier than 60 days before an election,
referendum, or similar voting event. Campaign signs must be removed no later
than 5 days after the voting event.
C. All campaign signs are exempt from the setback requirements of this ordinance,
but must be located on private property.

Major Roadways:

  • US 45
  • I-94
  • US 41
  • IL 120
  • IL 132
  • Grand Avenue
  • IL 21
  • Milwaukee Avenue
  • Washington Street
  • Delany Road, north of Rt. 41
  • Hunt Club Road
  • Gages Lake Road
  • Cemetery Road
  • Dilley’s Road
  • Northwestern Avenue
  • O’Plaine Road
  • Stearns School Road

Location Guidelines:

  • Signs may NOT be located in any right-of-way.
  • Any sign deemed to be a visual obstruction to traffic may be removed.
  • Signs may not be placed on any  publicly owned property.


  • Signs shall not be placed between sidewalk and road.
  • No signs shall be placed in any median.
  • If no sidewalk, sign should be behind utility poles.
  • If utility poles are behind sidewalk, signs should be behind utility poles.
  • If no sidewalk or utility poles, signs should be approximately 10 feet from road edge.
Political Sign Guidelines Brochure 4