2023 Leaf Collection Program


The 2023 Leaf Collection Program will begin Monday, October 16th, and run through Friday, December 8th. Waste Management will be completing a rotation throughout the entire Village with residents required to have their leaves to the curb by 6:00 a.m. on Monday of their tentative scheduled pick up week. The speed of the collection is based on weather conditions such as if a large volume of leaves come down in a short amount of time or if rain or snow occurs, therefore the rotations may take more than a week to complete. As a result, the Village offers two options for leaf collection: bagged weekly collection or traditional bi-weekly vacuum service.

To ensure weekly or bi-weekly collection, residents are strongly encouraged to bag leaves in yard waste bags, which will be picked up free of charge on their regularly scheduled garbage collection day. Bagged service is not impacted by weather like vacuum services and bagging results in eight collections versus just four vacuum collections.

Bagged Collection (Strongly Encouraged)
• Picked Up Weekly on Regular Garbage Day
• Unlimited Number of Bags Picked Up
• Not Impacted by Volume of Leaves or Weather
• 8 Free Collections

Tentative Leaf Vacuum Schedule
East of I-94 (odd weeks)
Week 1: October 16th – 20th
Week 3: October 30th – November 3rd
Week 5: November 13th – 17th
Week 7: November 27th – December 1st

West of I-94 (even weeks)
Week 2: October 23rd – 27th
Week 4: November 6th – 10th
Week 6: November 20th – 24th
Week 8: December 4th – 8th

*Residents who choose the vacuum service should be aware that leaves may not be vacuumed during the scheduled week if the volume is too large to be collected. In this case, Waste Management will work to complete that side of town before starting the next side of town.

Vacuum Service Program Rules:
• Raked leaves should be placed at the curb line by 6:00 a.m. on Monday during the week of pick up.
• Please do not push leaves directly in the street or sidewalk as this may cause your leaves not to be picked up.
• Only rake leaves to the curb. Grass, branches and other yard waste are NOT permitted and will damage the equipment.
• In the event of rain, you should still place your leaves on the curb. Leaves will be collected as soon as possible.

Please be advised that Waste Management will be completing leaf collection practice runs during the week of October 9th. During this time, you may see trucks traveling throughout the community. As a friendly reminder, the Village prohibits leaf burning.

Leaf Collection 2022

A map of the schedule can be found at: 

Residents looking for an environmentally friendly option that is also rake-free can consider mulching their leaves, which is beneficial for lawns and gardens. For tips on mulching leaves, check out this video.