• Apr 27, 2017, 17:16 PM

Welcome to the new Village of Gurnee Website!

To better meet the needs of the public, the Village of Gurnee has launched a new website. The new website has a couple of key features we want to highlight:

  • It is broken up by user group. We identified that we have three "customers" to serve: Residents, Businesses, and Visitors. We included a fourth user group, Government, to include information about us.
  • The new website is mobile responsive. With nearly 50% of our users viewing the site on mobile phones, we found it essential to be mobile responsive. Try it out yourself, and change your browser window from full screen to smaller and smaller. You'll notice the menus collapse as it recognizes the window size changes.
  • We wanted to get the important information out front. Check out the slideshows on each landing page for timely news and events in the community.
  • The Village Board found transparency to be essential in our redesign. Check out our Transparency Portal and 10-Point Checklist to learn more about our operations.
  • You can now update Water & Sewer Account information with an online form, without having to come to Village Hall!
If you are having troubles with the menus, try clicking on the > symbols to expand information.

Have any questions or comments about the new website? Send us a comment here.


The Village of Gurnee