• Jul 13, 2017, 18:47 PM

Mayor Kristina Kovarik Proclaims State of Emergency Due to Flood Impact

On Thursday, July 13th Mayor Kovarik signed a proclamation declaring that the localized and regional flood impact in Gurnee have created a disaster situation in the Village.

The proclamation from the Mayor coincides with Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor's proclamation declaring emergency in Lake County.

With Des Plaines River levels expected to crest late Friday or in to Saturday. Village officials are monitoring the situation and providing assistance where possible. 

Gurnee residents and businesses have experienced two primary types of flooding that have put the Village in a state of emergency:
  1. Localized flooding that occurred immediately after the storms on July 12th and damaged basements, homes, and temporary road blockages. This localized flooding occurred throughout the community. Residents and businesses that experienced localized flooding due to rainfall are currently working to clear up debris. Residents and businesses with flood damage are encouraged to report damage to the Village by contacting our flood hotline at 847-599-6640 so that we can assess the damage and add their home to the list of properties to receive a special flood damage pickup from Waste Management.
  2. Regional flooding continues to be a threat as water levels top 11.0 feet of water, which predictions as high as 12.0 feet of water once the river crests. This has impacted roads such as US-41, Grand Avenue, O'Plaine Avenue, McClure Avenue, and others. This has also had an immediate impact on homes and businesses in the vicinity of the river as levels continue to rise.
To keep up with updates on flooding, residents and businesses are encouraged to subscribe to the Village Flood Listserv and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our Village website.