• Jun 8, 2018, 08:54 AM

Voluntary Residential Food Scraps Recycling Program Begins July 1st

The Village of Gurnee has partnered with Waste Management and Midwest Organics (Lake Bluff) to begin a voluntary composting program. Beginning July 1, 2018, residents will have the option to co-mingle their food scraps with their landscape waste.

Residents who purchase a seasonal landscape waste subscription or landscape waste stickers will be able to put food items such as kitchen scraps, expired fruits and vegetables, and other organic materials in with their lawn clippings and other landscape waste.

The landscape waste collected through the program will be brought to Midwest Organics in Lake Bluff and used to create commercial compost. This is an eco-friendly alternative to sending organic material to the landfills.

To learn more about residential food scraps and how you can participate in the program after July 1st, visit

Additionally, the Village of Gurnee has food scrap pails available for $5 to help get you started. Visit the website, Village Hall (325 North O'Plaine Road) or call 847-599-7500 to purchase a pail.