• May 6, 2019, 21:12 PM

Gurnee Promotes Interim Police Chief Smith and Acting Deputy Chief Gonzalez

GURNEE, IL – On Monday, May 6th Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik administered the Oath of Office promoting Interim Police Chief Brian Smith to Gurnee Police Chief and Acting Deputy Chief Jesse Gonzalez to Deputy Police Chief.
Chief Smith began his employment with the Village in 2000. Smith was promoted to Sergeant in 2010, to Patrol Commander in 2014 and Deputy Chief in October 2017. Following the retirement of former Chief Kevin Woodside, the Mayor and Village Board named Smith Interim Chief in January 2019.
Chief Smith has served the Department in many roles over his career including as an Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Rapid Deployment Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Simulation Instructor (Firearms Training Systems, FATS and MILO), department armorer for pistols and rifles and as a member of the Honor Guard.  Smith has also supervised many of these programs.
“We really are honored tonight to be able to promote Brian as an internal selection to the position of Police Chief. He has the support of the officers in the department, he has the support of myself and the Village Board, and he has the support of the entire community” said Mayor Kristina Kovarik during the promotion ceremony at the Village Board meeting.
Deputy Chief Gonzalez has been a member of the Gurnee Police Department since 1988.  He served as a patrol officer until 1999 when he was assigned as a Detective in the Gurnee Police Investigations Division.  Gonzalez served Gurnee as a Detective for 15 years until he was promoted to the Investigations Commander in November of 2014.  He was named the Acting Deputy Chief of Operations in October of 2018. 
Deputy Chief Gonzalez has served the Gurnee Police Department in many roles over his 31 years of police service.  He was an Entry Team member for the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System for seven years and served the Lake County Major Crime Task Force from 2001-2012 as an Investigator, Lead Supervisor, Assistant Commander and Task Force Commander.  Gonzalez has also been a Field Training Officer, Rapid Deployment Instructor and supervisor of the Rapid Deployment program.
The appointment of a Police Chief is outlined in the Gurnee Municipal Code (Chapter 42, Section 32) and allows for the Mayor to make appointments based on the consent of the Village Board. Appointments are made on an annual basis.