• Nov 27, 2019, 13:30 PM

Leaf Collection Update: Program Extended and Bagged Leaves Picked Up Free Next Week

Due to delays in pickup this season, the Leaf Collection program has been extended in to next week and will run until Friday, December 6th. Collection also continues to run Friday and Saturday of this week. To help remove remaining leaves and to provide a quicker removal service, residents who wish to do so can bag leaves in landscape paper bags and place them out with their regular garbage pickup next week without stickers required. While bagging leaves is not required, this will help ensure pickup as the garbage trucks will grab these leaves with their regular routes. This is a great option for residents who are able to bag their leaves to remove the bags with their regular trash pickup. If weather and time allows, we recommend bagging leaves if possible. Regular leaf vacuuming services will continue to run next week as well.
We thank everyone for their patience with the program. It has been a difficult season for residents and Waste Management alike, and we understand the hardships the delays have caused.